April Brews Update! Spring is in the Air!


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Dec 26, 2018
Spring is finally here!
With new blooms come new brews! Check out what our expert brewers have on tap!

Mystery Brews Update:
Soul of St Patrick has gone back to rest for another year. Hope you got the chance to meet him before he left!
Limited Edition Shamrock Shake has once again been retired until next years festivities begin!
Mead from Hell had been banished back to the depths from whence it came. Hope there's no lasting effects!
Seems Spring has brought a bit of life back to some things thought shriveled and dead. Reborn Soul certainly seems lively enough now!
Each Spring Day seems brighter than the last. Don't look directly at Spring's Radiance lest you find yourself seeing spots!

reborn soul.png

Misc Brew Update:
Seems there's an abundance of Panda's eating all the bamboo. Organic Bamboo Tea has been discontinued to allow the pandas to eat their fill!
We're not quite certain where it came from, but Soul Kiss is now what everyone's talking about! Is it just me or is it a little...mesmerizing?


Brew Update Summary:

Maestrea Brewery Guide and Recipes!

Soul of St Patrick
Shamrock Shake
Mead from Hell
Organic Bamboo Tea

New Brews:
Reborn Soul
Spring's Radiance
Soul Kiss
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