April Relic Wave!


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Mar 30, 2019
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Spring is here and so are new Relics!

Before we get to the new Relics, the following is a list of Relics that are now retired from the Relic Pool:
Granny's Beatin Stick, Devouring Demon, Vibranium Shield, Poseidon's Staff, Ender Greaves, Caramel Apple, Mercy of the Nine, Sword of Ender, Butcher's Bloody Blade, Levitator 2000, Ender Helmet, Ender Boots, Drunken Miner's Pickaxe, Black Knight's Guard, Ender Chestplate, The Decimator, Heaven Bound Greaves, Hell Bound Greaves, Epidemic's Embrace, Midas Touch, Forget Me Not, Magic Carrot

With the retirees out of the way, without further ado, here are the 10 new Relics from the April Wave!!!

ataraxy.JPG rainstorm.JPG wings.JPG chaac_caller.JPG fairy_flakes.JPG apple_a_day.JPG miners_charm.JPG shredder.JPG exordium.JPG antitree.JPG

We hope you love this wave as much as we do!
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