Archaic Relics


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Archaic Relics

Historians have discovered some kind of hexed Relic off the coast of Maestrea. The Relics appear to be a deep blue color rather than the usual red color of ordinary Relics. Historians are calling them ‘Archaic Relics’ as they appear to be thousands of years old.

What we know about these mysterious Relics:

- Require 8 Archaic Shards to be crafted.
- Archaic Shards are obtained via crushing Relics. Dropping at a low chance.
- Upon opening an Archaic Relic you receive an Archaic Tier item of one of four rarities, Standard, Uncommon, Rare, or Ultra.
- These Relics are unstable and we are not sure how long they will last before they are gone again.
- Archaic Tiers have static stats.

These Relics appear to be quite powerful, much stronger than normal Relics. We are being told that when attempting to obtain Archaic Shards, you should contact a Level 75 or higher Blacksmith unless you are one yourself. Make sure they are someone you trust so you can get your Archaic Shards from your Relics.

Archaic Relic Information
There seems to be no rhyme or reason for their existence in our plane of existence. Pulled from... other timelines. Or maybe from different parts of our own? We cannot tell why... or even when some new ones appear while others vanish without a trace.

Archaic Relic Latest Discovery
A new study on Archaic Relics has noticed a change in their composition. There appears to be a lack of alcohol within the relics, but we have noticed evidence of many long travels. There are deep bindings in the relics, some sugar-like essence as well, and also evidence of heroes of the old world. What this means, we do not know.

Known Ultra Rare
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Contact me for crushing. Level 101 blacksmith. React if you've used my service ;D for trust. /pwarp Market on either /Maestrea or /Elyssia.
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