August 2019 - Maestrea Build Event


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Aug 8, 2017
Welcome all the to August's Build Event!
This month's theme!


It's time to get industrial! Factories, shipping facilities, and assembly lines!
Let the gears turn and the pistons move because this is going to be an exciting theme!

Event will end on "August 22nd" at 12:00 EST
( 3 weeks )

- Plots size has been increased to 125x125 (from 75x75).
- Builders cannot win first place (if they have not won before)
- World Edit will work if you vote on towny

To claim a plot use /plot auto [or] /plot claim
To change the biome do /plot biome (biome name)
To delete a plot use /plot clear

First place Prize:
Archtitect title [or] $16 Voucher, 1 Maestrean Key, and 1 Title Key
A Trial Builder position on the Build Team will be offered!

Second place Prize:
4 mythic keys, 1 Maestrean Key, and 1 Title Key

Third place Prize:
1 Maestrean Key, and 1 Title Key

Happy building!
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