Autumn Event 2021


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May 2, 2018
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Main Event

A path has opened to the long-abandoned village of our beloved villagers! Unfortunately, it’s too dangerous for them to return. Maestreans, however, are better equipped to handle the strangeness and danger that can occur outside spawn and so, we send you forth to adventure!

Use /warp autumn or click the pile of leaves just behind you at /spawn to explore the abandoned village!

The following folks in spawn have tasks for you to complete right away:

• Jim
• Smitty
• Jebediah
• Mitch
• Jack

Additionally, there are multiple strange things happening in and around the abandoned village (you might want to take a shot at those weird squirrels). Should you find several of these odd items, you might be able to do something with them in our /ccraft -> events. Best of luck on solving this puzzle!

Do watch out, Halloween is fast approaching, and the strength of the mob alliance is growing every day!

Ember Floofs (coming as soon as Jare un-blows up his computer)


The spirit of Aze__ lives on in Maestrea, and Ember Floofs are running rampant all over the towny and resource servers!

Should you happen to see one of these mischievous critters, they may have some event currency for you!

Vance is, as usually, providing a few wares for the event. Collect your dead leaves, enjoy some taggers, or, perhaps you'd like to take a chance with a Title Key!

Brewce also has a very tasty selection of seasonal brews for you to enjoy! Commence ta drinkin!

Event Title

We’re also taking a bit of a departure from previous event titles and trying something new.

Beginning Halloween 2021, there will be a static list of titles offered for the major events each year. There may be color variations from year to year, but we wanted to offer something to our players that did two things at once:

• created a meaningful item that you would be able to keep after reset and
• helped combat that “fear of missing out” that we know many of you worry about

Presenting the Maestrean Halloween Title: HAUNTED


This item will be available in the store through October 31, and will also be offered as a reward to those players who:

• complete the time trial in the fastest time (announced October 24)
• win the weekly event (group elytra competition)

How to Win the Title

When you next visit /spawn on the resource server, walk forward until you find the spooky tree and the squeaky bat. You've found Fox!


Fox can help you get to our treetop village elytra course!

The fastest time will be the first winner* of our Haunted title! Deadline for the solo time is Sunday, October 24!

Secondarily, our weekly event this upcoming weekend (October 23-24) will give the winners* access to both the Victorious and the Haunted titles! Get your practice runs in while you can!

*Winners will be given a store code specifically to receive the event title.
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