BAM straight to the COMMUNITY CHEST.

Short description: With a simple command the selection in inventory is placed into a community chest at spawn.

Long description: With a simple command (eg. /communitychest or /donate or /forthecommunity) the selection in inventory is magically removed from players inventory and placed into a community chest at spawn.

How is it beneficial: This could be a rank perk. For both chest access or/and the command to move items to the chest.

Links and videos: None But for your viewing pleasure...DEAR KITTEN full collection (YouTube)

What can be possible downsides?: Restrict the movement to chest, not allowed: common items like sand, dirt, cobble, etc... so that the community chest doesn't become full easily. Players wishing to remove items from the chest or check its contents still have to travel to spawn to open the chest (<-this is my preference)...or... you can have a item board that works the same way as the /ah pop up window and is accessable without being at spawn, but this board may take players away from revisiting spawn. i like it when spawn is populated by players.
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Dec 21, 2016
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The community chest will just become full of items that aren't of any use to anyone. And if it doesn't, there will be always the possibility that some items will be accidentally added to the chest and stolen by someone else etc. The way it works now ensures that if someone wants to donate items to the community, they can specify which items themselves.
I personally have never seen anyone regularly visit spawn to dump inventory-loads of items in the community chests.
Also, if you want to make a popup window, then what's the difference between doing this and just visiting the actual chests at spawn?
Seems a little useless to me and has more chance of causing issues.
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