Ban Appeal and apology

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May 27, 2020
Ign: Supreme_Snickers
Reason for ban: Racism
Length of Ban: Permanent
Appeal: Not racism at all
Proof: Ill provide an ss

Alright so for some reason Supreme cant post on the forums so he asked me to help him out. Ill get to the point, Supreme changed his nick to alllivesmatter, which is just expressing his beliefs on the current sensitive subject and I think that deserves a temp ban. A perma ban I believe is a little much. A dm conversation did take place between the admin who banned him and Supreme. Even though he was perma banned I am asking that he be given one last chance to prove himself to the server. I have been talking to him about his toxicity on the server and I know that this will help improve his behavior if you guys decide to give him one last chance. This is both a ban appeal, as for a quick ban hammer and an apology for his toxic behavior in the past


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Sep 27, 2016
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He's been banned before due to things of this nature and yet it still continues. Continuing to try and broach the subject in general chat after being asked to DM me multiple times, changing their name back after having it changed for them, deciding to try and have some sort of debate with me about race in which he started quoting some things that are commonly referenced to try and justify racism and racist behaviour.

I believe in second chances. Third chances on some occasions. This is his fourth his fift... Sixth ban from the server now, as well as a ban from discord for posting some inappropriate content as well.

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