Ban Appeal: Duckywarrior48

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Mar 8, 2020
IGN: Duckywarrior48
Reason for ban: Behavior, Drama, "possibly" ban evasion,
Length of ban: Permanent, been a few years since

So its been a long while since this whole situation happened and I was banned, i'd like to start off with apologizing for any immature behavior, drama or inconvenience I may have had caused back then. to the best of my memory I was banned for my behavior and for causing drama. I will admit to having on occasion evaded the ban for a few hours at a time with a friends account so I may retrieve images of my old builds and to simply view all the memories I had within them. I understand that even though it has been a few years since the occurrence It does not change the fact I did what I did. I will do my best to keep to my word and no longer give a bad impression on the server or to the community.

I'm making this appeal for a few reasons one of them being that id like to re-engage with the community and help to make it prosper as I used to, if given this second chance I'm sure I will not let you down, proof that I wont let you down is as follows: "last year I Joined the US Navy, they have given me a new lifestyle, and new mindset. I now hold myself to a much higher standard than I had before and I would like to have an opportunity to show how I have changed'.

Another reason for making this appeal is because I simply miss all the interaction and involvement I had with the community, I would once again like to be involved with everyone and enjoy the connection I used to feel toward the server. Elyssia had been a very big part of my life not only in gaming but in reality, it helped me open up to people and to change as to not be so introverted to the rest of the world.

if there is anything I have left out of this appeal or any previous appeals please do let me know, im admitting to all my past Violations/Wrongdoings. also my memory of the incident may be limited due to the amount of time that has gone by and all the changes that have occurred in my life.

Sincerely, an old Elyssian: Ducky


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Jan 12, 2019
Hey Ducky,

As you say it's been a good amount of time since your ban and I appreciate your comments about your behaviour and changing for the better. Whilst I did have some reservations about this I feel your appeal has addressed them all enough to make me comfortable accepting this.

Obviously quite a lot has changed in your time away so I would encourage taking some time to learn about that, and definitely familiarise yourself with the rules again. Other than that I will see you in-game.

Appeal accepted, thread closed.
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