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Sep 11, 2018
I was banned over a year ago for macro as the username nate812. I since then have not created alts or played minecraft in general. Today I bought a new Minecraft account since I lost my account info for the nate812 account. I attempted to get back on today and reach out to EndyTheUnicorn to let them know I was nate812 and try and get ahead of the banning I was inevitably going to get, but Endy did not remember me. Regardless, I am banned now and it has been a year since and I am interested in rejoining the server as nathan812. I know the bans are permanent but I am hoping the year off will allow for some grace in the situation.

Side note: I used my girlfriend's account, madison812, in order to talk to the banning staff member to explain this to them what I am explaining now to expedite this process after the banning of the nathan812 account which was also banned.

IGN: nathan812
Reason for ban: ban evasion
Length of ban: perm
Proof(If needed):


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Aug 8, 2017
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Hey Nate, thanks for taking the time to make an appeal.

Unfortunately this is far from your first ban as you mentioned in your appeal.
Your first ban was for x-ray/abusing glitches in which you said:
I would like to ask for an early release since I truly have learned from this and I will not abuse the rules any further.
But sadly you didn't seem to learn from your lesson and less than a month later you were banned for autoclicking in which the staff member responded to the appeal with:
Seeing as this is your second ban there will be no more chances. Anything in the future that you do will result in a perm and unappealable ban.
Which brings us to your third ban where you were found to be using an autoclicker again, which you never appealed.
And then you rejoined on your new account, which no matter the intentions is considered ban evading as you could have always attemped to appeal on the forums (as the ban message informs you to do), and then you joined on yet another account, which is not the way to get unbanned.

So I'm afraid due to the extended history and no sign of improvement, I'm going to have to deny this appeal.

Appeal Denied. Closing Thread.
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