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May 4, 2019
IGN: Daxman24
Reason for ban: X-Ray
Length of ban: Perm

Appeal: OK, I have been banned multiple times now, mostly because im clueless and didn't know most of the rules, but I know all of the rules now, and I don't know if voting for the server is not allowed or not but.. here's the problem. I won't lie in fact i am a very very truthful person and when I say I don't know why I got banned for X-Raying I don't know what I got banned for X-Raying. I voted for Maestrea 6 times and after getting my vote keys I opened the creates up, but asoon as I got a Blaze Spawner out of my create I got perm banned? I'm not trying to be toxic but I don't know if the Moderator that banned me just doesn't like me or something but I find this as a false ban. I see no reason to lie about a ban, and if needed and if possible you can pull up crate logs and see that I opened a Blaze Spawner, in fact if possible you might even be able to go in server and look what I still have in inventory. Like I said I have made many mistakes on the server like auto-click, I think I did X-Ray once in the past but I deleted the software completely after getting banned for 2 weeks, when I got unbanned from that I was so hyped, I was finally able to play with my town again, they were happy, I was happy, I promised to never do it again, and here I am false banned for X-Raying? I really don't mean to come out rude but you have to understand that I got false banned right after getting unbanned from a 2 week ban, pretty annoying.
I never thought I would have to come back on the ban appeal fourm again after deleting literally every software that provides cheats on my computer, if you need proof of this I will show download folder.

Proof -

If you are wondering what the other two files are, those are saves from Roblox Studio, the other 4 are things I created for Roblux Studio because I am learning how to program lua currently (Roblox's programming language.)


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Aug 8, 2017
England, Uk
Hey, thanks for taking the time to make an appeal
I'll start off with some screenshots of your mining from the past week or so
Screenshot 2019-06-03 at 18.29.24.png

Screenshot 2019-06-04 at 22.55.21.png
^ (In this photo I re-mined out the cobblestone you filled the hole in with.)

Screenshot 2019-06-03 at 18.30.22.png
All the locations were over 16 blocks from the surface, further than mobs could start spawning.
Considering all that and the fact these were the only times you even mined any stone in the past two weeks, your previous history of rule breaking and the fact you lied on this appeal, I will be denying your appeal.

Appeal denied. Closing thread.
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