Better Scrubbers


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Jan 23, 2019
Arcane and Infernal Scrubbers are the most useless items in the game as their purpose is to just make an item look nicer by cleaning enchants. Even with infernal scrubbers it only give you back vanilla enchants and sometimes even a vanilla+ enchant, eg. knockback 5, but thats worthless anyways since you cant apply the vanilla+ enchant on anything since it will only count as a max vanilla enchant when anviling it on something. So to make Arcane Scrubbers and Infernal Scrubbers more useful i recommend to make them remove custom enchants as well. Arcane Scrubbers would only remove custom enchants that seems useless on the respective tool or armour, for example removing excavation on a sword, While Infernal Scrubbers would remove custom enchants and give you a book with that custom enchant. Then the custom enchanted book could be applied to an armour or tool with a success and destruction chance. This would make it better for people to make amazing tools and armour. You can balance it by making a certain number of custom enchants applicable on a tool or armour. So like only 2 or 3 custom enchants can be apply on the tool or armour.

The downside to this would be finding a plugin or rewriting a lot of the current plugins custom enchanting system into a new system.

Overall, Scrubbers needs to have a better use otherwise its just a waste of space in the crystal , shady, and other gui menus it occupies in.
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