Brewery is Back!


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Dec 26, 2018
That's right! The Brewery plug in is working once again!

Fill those cauldrons, light the fires, clean out the barrels! We've got work to do!
Before you get started brewing those drinks, take a look at the new brews and categories. We've completely overhauled all the recipes. To make it even better, we've added categories for brews!

New Brew Categories!
Beginner Brew - Simple brews to show players new to brewery the ropes.
Alcoholic Brews - Very high alcohol percentage for getting drunk
Utility Brews - Useful effects for jobs/pvp/quality of life
Trader Brews - High Trade Values at the Brewtrader for leveling jobs and making money
Entertainment Brews - Fun side effects that are not actually useful
Mystery Brews - Limited Time brews. Only partial recipes will be available

No matter what you're brewing for, you'll be able to find a list of recipes that suit your purpose! Want to make some money from the brewtrader? Look no further than the Trader brews! Lookin to get drunk with some friends? Alcoholic brews have you covered! Want a brew that will make you question why on earth you ever needed that? Plenty of ridiculousness to be found in the Entertainment Brews!

Check out the updated Brew guide for all the recipes: Maestrea Brewery Guide and Recipes!

We've got brews for mining, brews for fighting, brews for drinking, brews for money, and brews he floating? Brews for days!!

New Mystery Brews!

To celebrate the return of brewery there are 2 new mystery brews available for a very limited time!
Volcanic Gold and Green Turtle Soup*
They'll be gone before you know it! Brew them while you can!

We've also got 2 new mystery brews available until the end of December!
Spiked Eggnog and White Chocolate Peppermint Martini!
Get in the holiday spirit with some brews!

*Use of blue turtles for brewing Green Turtle Soup is strictly prohibited

Join us Sunday Dec 8 at 4 pm est for some brewing fun!

That's right, the weekly event this Saturday will be brew related!
In addition to the usual weekly event prizes there will be grand mystery prize!
Come join us to find out what it is!

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