Bugginx3's REAL Content Team Application

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Dec 21, 2015
In-Game Name:Bugginx3

Age: 23
In-game rank(use /rank): Queen/Earl
Date Joined (check /res date): Apr 2, 2016
Do you have Discord (if yes, include your name):Celuna#2073
Timezone/Country:Central Time
Earlier ban reasons: None.

What Content Team you will be applying to.
Events: [Examples at bottom]
Quests: [Examples at bottom]

Why should we pick you: I have a large imagination and knack for writing stories. I have tons of ideas surrounding possible story quests and lore for the server itself. Having a story that people can be invested in could help the server become more active. Everyone likes a good story!

What do you enjoy most about development: I like seeing how players react to new content and receiving their feedback! Seeing people anticipating what could come next is exciting.

Portfolio/Information to backup experience claims: I don't know if writing for my old highschool's comic section would count. Or fanfiction writing, hah.

Events and Quests:
1.) It Came From The Deep: "Something is in the water."
This event would be like the fishing contest but there is a chance when you fish something out of the water a special mob would appear. I remember we had something like Dracula appearing in the main server, so something like that could be fun.
There would be a quest that players could accept to collect a certain dropped item from the mob to receive special prizes!
And towards the end of the event, a strong mob should appear! So strong a large party of players would need to take it on. If they defeat it, they would get a special title [Moby Dick] or something like that.

2.) The Great Pumpkin: "Skeleton Jack has a request."
This event would be a Fall or Halloween Event. Skeleton Jack has come to the server to request our aid. That Oogie Boogie has destroyed all the pumpkins and because of that Halloween might not come this year!

This would be a server cooperation event. People would harvest pumpkins to trade into Jack for certain items. Also, a count should be kept for the server as a whole also. This way when the server collects a certain amount of pumpkins everyone gets a special title[Pumpkin King] and a item like the pumpkin pie that is used for job boosting.

Here's a twist, Oogie Boogie is also on the server. He is more than happy to rely on the players to help him ruin Jack's plans. He wants Halloween to happen but it will happen his way. He wants you to collect spider webs or string for him. The players would get rewards but the offerings from Boogie come with HIGH prices. I can't come up with a cool title yet but cause I'm still thinking it over but it would be just as cool as [Pumpkin King].

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May 18, 2019
Application denied (For both teams).

Since this is your first application, you may reapply in 1 month. If you would like feedback regarding this application, please contact an Admin+.

Closing thread.
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