Cado08's Helper Application

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Sep 7, 2018
Although I had resigned as helper a few months back I would genuinely love to be able to join the staff team, there were a lot of issues i had with things that were going on at the time and I admittedly over reacted to being told to "butt out" of a incident. I made a rash decision and regretted it immediately. That would not happen again, should i reaccepted as a helper again. Idid nothing wrong to merit being kicked from staff, it was all my own doing and I would truly love a chance at getting back into the staff team and growing into more than a helper. I prefaced the template with this, as I felt it was warranted that I make an explanation. Treating people fairly would not be an issue for me. I have learned that there are two sides to every story.

Rank: Helper
In-game name: Cado08
Age: 31
in-game Rank(use /rank): Mythic
Date Joined (check /res date): Aug 2018
Do you have discord? (if yes, include your name): yes
Timezone/country: MST
Earlier punishments(warns, bans, on other servers or here, if any):NEVER any
Why we should pick you: I enjoy playing on MAestrea and being a helper is certainly the fist step in to getting further up in the staff chain, my hope is to be able to become even more of a helper in the future. I am constantly learning new things and would love to be able to climb that ladder.
What would you do, if someone was
- Advertising another server: Ask them to stop, if they do not I would issue a mute to them.
- Swearing extensively: Ask them to tone it down
- Auction Scamming/Boosting: Explain the rules and ask them to rectify the situation, taking steps myself to rectify it if needed
- Spamming: ask to stop, issue a mute if the continue. Usually players respond to only one time asking.
- Asking for help: help to the best of my ability
- Arguing about religion/politics or another controversial subject: Explain the rules and ask them to change the subject
- Tp-killed: Explain rules, rectify the situation with items lost, warn player that tp killing is bankable


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Dec 26, 2018
Application denied.
Since this is your first application, you may reapply in 1 month. If you would like feedback regarding this application, please contact an Admin+.

Closing thread.
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