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Our content team consists of many different sub teams who all work together to develop content for the server. Each team has their own responsibilities and works on a different area of the server to bring new and exciting things!


Items: Relics, Arcanas, Archaics, oh my! Items team is responsible for the majority of the custom items that exist on Maestrea. Whether releasing new waves of items or revamping old mechanics for items to make them bigger and better than ever, items is always adding new things for players to collect and new ways for players to build up their gear!

Mythic Mobs: Into the dungeons we go! Mythic Mobs is predominantly focused on our Dungeons server. Working on new bosses, new skills, new areas for players to explore, and new exciting content to play. That is not to say dungeons is the only thing Mythic Mobs does. Designing mobs for events or special occasions is also a frequent undertaking of the MM team. (Requires knowledge of Mythic Mobs plug in to apply)

Events: Holiday events, weekly events, special occasions, and any other event you can think of! Events is there! They work to plan and put together all of the wonderful events players enjoy. If there's not an event on-going, events is likely already in the midst of planning for the next one!

Brews: The brewery plug in is fantastic fun. Brews team creates new brews for players wanting to have some fun, get a little drunk, or even make some cash!

Skyblock: Don't fall off! The Skyblock team works to add new content for skyblock specifically. New items, new mechanics, new events, and more!


By and large all of the expectations for content can be boiled down to this: We expect content members to work well with the team to develop new content for Maestrea.

To break it down a little more:

Communication- There are many individual teams and many members on those teams. To keep all of it running as smoothly as possible, we need everyone to be communicating in a positive way.

Reliability- With so many moving parts it's important that we can rely on everyone to finish their chosen and assigned tasks. Someone who regularly doesn't finish or help with those tasks is putting more work on the other members and is not benefiting the content team as a whole.

Activity- You are by no means expected to devote all your time to content, but we do need content members to be active and engaged with the content they are creating. Going radio silent for months at a time means you are not benefitting your content team and that spot could instead be given to someone who will benefit the team.

Teamwork- Much of the content created requires multiple content members participation or even multiple teams to work together. Being able to work together effectively and in a positive way is a must. Often that means talking to people with ideas that are different to yours and having positive, constructive conversations.


All content members are given champion rank as a "Thank You" for the work they put into the server. Additionally, content members that go above and beyond working on projects for the server may be rewarded anything from vouchers for our buycraft store, to in game items or titles, to Maestrea Merch!


Most content teams do not require specific knowledge of coding or plug ins. If you're concerned that your coding knowledge is going to hold you back, we very much encourage you to apply anyway! A positive attitude and creativity are far more important than coding in most teams.
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