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May 18, 2020
Rank: Helper
In-game name: Delusionalrubys
Age: 19 turning 20 next month
in-game Rank (use /rank): Currently Guardian rank and saving up to prestige all 3 times on Maestrea.
Date Joined (check /res date): May 17th, 2020 & have been a Minecraft towny player for over 6 years.
Do you have discord? (if yes, include your name): I do have discord, and my name is Delusionalrubys#0335. You will almost always see me in a discord channel when online.
Timezone/country: Eastern Daylight Time – (GMT -4), Canada

Earlier punishments (warns, bans, on other servers or here, if any): I have no ban/warn or rule breaking history of any kind on Maestrea. I was accidentally banned on another server a few years ago because the admin typed the wrong name in but other than that nothing else!

Why we should pick you: I personally believe that I have the skills, confidence and experience needed to be a quality member of the Maestrean staff team. I am almost constantly trying to answer player questions in chat and always do my best to help new players out. I have even gone to the lengths of creating my own tutorial area in my town which can be found at /pw Alexandria (named after the Library of Alexandria) which I hope ends up helping new players better understand the server after joining. I have 2 years of previous Junior mod experience (which was basically helper) and 1 year of Mod experience which is where I learned the majority of what I know about the standard towny plugins and commands. I am also online constantly, especially during very late hours when most players and staff are asleep which I think could be a great asset. I have a great grasp on towny as a whole and I simply love the Maestrean community. For all these reasons, it would be an honour for me to be apart of the staff team as a helper!!!

What would you do if, someone was:

- Advertising another server: Seeing as advertising is not allowed unless its Maestrea related or perhaps a big mini game server that Maestrea does not compete with(within reason of course), I would issue an official warning and refer them to the rules regarding the issue to explain why they were warned. If they continued to do so, the remedy would be a temporary mute of some regard whether it be issued by me or a higher staff member who I would have contacted already about the issue.

- Swearing extensively: If someone is swearing extensively in chat I would first ask them to refrain from doing so, this would be followed by me messaging them that it’s best to keep that kind of language out of general chat and then proceed to try and understand why they were so angry in the first place and remedy the situation the best I can. This would be handled with a certain amount of care in order to prevent it from escalating. If the issue continued to be a problem, an official warning would be given, if this were to fail, the next option would be a temporary mute.

- Auction Scamming/Boosting: When it comes to someone Auction scamming, I would try and remedy the situation by first informing the scammer that it is of course not allowed on this server and that its against the rules and where they can find said rules. Then secondly ensure that the items/money would be returned to the rightful owner. In regard to auction boosting, it would follow the same general format. Obviously of course in both cases, if the issue proceeded to be a problem again, an official warning would be given, and I would end up contacting a higher-ranking staff member to assist in handling the situation.

- Spamming: When it comes to spamming, whether it be in discord or in-game chat, I would let the person know that its against the rules and ask them to discontinue doing so as well as inform them of where they can find those rules. If the issue proceeded to be a problem the next step would be an official warning. If it continues even further I would contact a higher staff about the issue and a temporary mute of some kind would most likely end up being issued. Also, another topic when it comes to spamming would be typing in general chat whilst drunk which would be followed by me simply asking them to use brackets and or * before and after their text to ensure chat isn’t flooded with gibberish. (#BlameVonnie)

- Asking for help: When someone asks for help whether it is a question in chat or discord or maybe they simply need help mining a spawner, I am always going to try and help them. Obviously if I cant for some reason I would give them my best opinion and check with a higher staff member or someone who is simply more informed on that topic/issue in order to get back to them with a better answer. Also, if its more of a ticket worthy problem, I will suggest they create a ticket on discord and proceed to explain to them how that whole process works.

- Arguing about religion/politics or another controversial subject: If someone is arguing about religion/politics or a controversial subject of some kind I would first ask them to discontinue discussing said topics especially in public general chat and then proceed to letting the people involved know where they can find the rules surrounding these issues. If it continued to be a problem an official warning would be given. If that failed to work a higher staff would be contacted and a temporary mute would likely be the outcome in order to move on from the distasteful topics and get chat flowing normally again.

- Tp-killed: When it comes to tp-killing my first step would be to get in contact with the person who was tp killed. I would get as many details as physically possible and try to fully understand what happened in order to ensure everything checks out. The next step would be to contact the tp killer and inform them that its not allowed on Maestrea and that all the items they had gained from doing so would need to be returned. If that doesn’t end up working, I would continue to guide the player who was killed to gain the evidence they need to make an official ticket and get their items back. I would also contact a higher staff to help with the situation and try to figure something out. In the end, if nothing worked, I personally would be more than happy to try and reimburse some of the items they lost out of my own pocket to end the problems and get everyone moving on. Of course, the tp killer would also be dealt with appropriately.

Thank you for reading & taking time to consider my application!!!!

Yours Truly

-Delusionalrubys :)
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Mar 30, 2019
Michigan, United States
Application approved, welcome to the team!
Contact an Admin+ to begin your promotion process :)

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