Delusionalrubys Streamer Application

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May 18, 2020
Rank Applying For: Streamer

In-game name: Delusionalrubys

Age: 20

Date Joined (Check /res date): May 17th, 2020

Do you have discord? (If yes, include your name): Delusionalrubys#0335

Timezone/Country: Eastern Daylight Time (GMT -4), Canada

Earlier Punishments (warns, bans, on other servers or on Maestrea): I have no ban or warn history of any kind on Maestrea. I was accidentally banned by a staff member who typed the wrong name in a few years ago on a different server but other than that nothing!!

Link to your Twitch Channel:

or (if the link doesn't work) I am affiliated.


Why do you want to be a Streamer for Maestrea? There are actually quite a few reasons as to why I’m applying for streamer now. Not only is Maestrea hands down my favourite Minecraft server, but I’ve actually been asked by a few players when I would be applying for the streamer role. I’ve always wanted to be a streamer on Maestrea, and the more I can do to promote the server, bring in new players and help out the ones already here the better. And if I’m being real, who doesn’t want some streamer specific collectibles. ;)

Do you have any streaming experience? If so what games/content? Yes! I have previously streamed a multitude of games, most specifically being Star Wars Battlefront 2, GTA 5 & World of Tanks. I mostly stream and play Minecraft and have been doing so on Maestrea for the last month & a half or so. I am also looking to branch out into other game genres such as Rainbow Six Siege and Dead by Daylight and will being getting a facecam setup once it arrives seeing as I have ordered it already. I previously have had some lag issues which have mostly been resolved now which was one of the main reasons I haven’t applied for the streamer role until now. I recently was follow botted on twitch putting me just below 300 followers, my accurate follower count is just over 50 followers, which is a bit unfortunate, however according to twitch they will eventually get around to removing those bot accounts. This however will not prevent me from continuing to stream just as before and providing awesome Maestrea content to the community.

What content on Maestrea are you most interested in streaming? I’m highly interested in streaming a large selection of Maestrea content. I often have 1 brewing stream per week, I spend lots of time building and perfecting my brewing setups. I also love making money and a major part of my streams are me testing and exploring the best money-making methods other than jobs. I often find myself fighting dungeons, specifically apocalypse when looking to make money via coins and love to get a little party together during those streams. I’m well versed in most things Maestrea and am looking to expand into streaming more Skyblock and Elyssian (custom crops) content. I would love to be apart of the streaming crew that would cover future events and might hold a few of my own down the line.

What times are you most likely to stream? On my twitch page I have a streaming schedule set out which identifies roughly when I will be streaming. Most days I stream just after 12 noon until 3:45pm getting a solid 3-4-hour stream on average, I also sometimes stream later on in the day sometimes around 9:30pm-1am when I have nothing else to do. I also dedicate some time during the weekends for long streams playing different games and Maestrea.

Why should we pick you? I’m a loyal, active, and dedicated player on Maestrea and have nothing but the best interests of the server at heart. I personally believe I have what it takes to be an amazing beacon of information, entertainment, and fun for all those that tune into my streams and would love to work among the fellow streamers on Maestrea. A large portion of my real follower count are players from Maestrea, and I would love to give those viewers an extra bonus for tuning into my streams!!!

Yours Truly

-Delusionalrubys :)


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Apr 29, 2016
From what Delusional does as a Minecraft player and a big supporting member of the server's community, I have giving his application a big thumbs up! :D
May 27, 2020
I like this message yes I do. Cool message ngl chief. Yes yes cool message. Awesome message insane ji feel. Loyal boy delusionanlrubusys is. Very nice cheif cheif. Like the reasons yes I do. Crack I not am on. Part of the tank community so most likely jacked yes he is. GG


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Feb 26, 2017
Quebec, Canada
Ive been watching delusonialrubys quite a few times now. I would say that he is entertaining , the quality of the video and sound is good ( i love the music also ;) ). I know that he love maestrea and hes dedicated to it I am 100% sure that he would be a great addition to the streamer group of maestrea.


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Mar 30, 2019
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Application Approved. Congratulations!

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