DragonFire0704's Ban Appeal

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May 10, 2017
IGN: DragonFire0704
Reason for ban: Assisted Scamming
Length of ban: 4 days
Appeal: Hello, I was hoping that I could come to an agreement in exchange for a reduced ban/removed ban, I have already had all stolen items refunded by an island mate. I accepted stolen items from the player RealistNumber knowingly, and did not return them immediately to the owner, I shouldn't have done this regardless of my reasoning and I apologize that I had done it.


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Jun 15, 2017
Thank you for making an appeal.

I'd like to thank you as well for apologizing and having the items returned, I do appreciate that.
Due to your cooperation and willingness to discuss the situation in DMs (in a polite and understanding way which is rare from my experiences ha) I'll be reducing your ban to 1 day.

Also for any reading this, please check out the Skyblock server rules found here >>>Official TribeBlock(Skyblock) Rules Thread and take note that, they do indeed differ in ways from our towny server rules.

Appeal accepted. Thread closed.
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