Drunken PVP Event!!!

Mar 23, 2019
Alcoholics and people who should really be buying my booze, put your hands together for the...
Banjaxed Brewery Drunken PVP Event!!!
There will be a tournament style bracket event for participants to fight 1 on 1 to place in the usual first second and third places with a final boss at the end...
The PVP shall be a kit pvp and you will obviously have to be drunk during the fighting.
Booze will be supplied by yours truly for the special twist to this event
Please understand that when i say the pvp is kit, it is indeed kit. there will be staff monitoring the event and will not hesitate to yeet you out of the tournament

The prizes will be contained in 3 shulkers with some of the items being a secret...
The final boss will have a cash prize attached to them, so if you can defeat them in a steep uphill battle, then you get the cash prize!!!

Afterparty and intermission shall be held at my spot in /pwarp Mall

Please message me @2Doc is trash#1824 on discord if you are interested in:
or even just spectating!!!

I hope to have a wonderful time with yall there!!!

(post will be edited to the current development of the event)
(there is no set date for the event yet)



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Mar 30, 2019
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Sounds like loads of fun! :D
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