Dungeon Quests: MDT Chapter Three


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May 22, 2017
Attention all Agents, report for duty immediately!


We've received reports of some mysterious figures lurking around a nearby volcano. It's up to you figure out what they're up to, and bring an end to it.

Your Senior Agent might not be able to join you, but don't worry: We've got just the thing for the job.
With an upgrade to your previous radio, you can keep in touch with your mentor, and even keep track of your current objectives.
(Note: D3 takes place primarily through the use of this new radio feature! If for some reason you lose it, you MUST restart, or contact an Admin.)

As this Dungeon is more dangerous, you will be required to rank up to Field Agent to ensure you've recieved ample training.

But most importantly, be on the look out for signs of Black Nova, a criminal organization on the rise!


Features and Fixes

We've improved the way that item drops are gathered. Now, they'll be put directly in your inventory, and will only drop during the revelevant part of the quest line.
Working with a friend? Don't worry - you'll be able to drop the items to share with them, so long as you don't move forward with your objectives.

If you've ever played a Telltale game, you know that many choices you make will have major effects on the story. Dungeon 3 is the first time that you have choices to make, and though the immediate differences are small, these may become more important down the line. Speed clickers, beware!

We've added in-dungeon Cut-scenes! These will happen automatically, but don't worry. Enemies can't damage you during these times.


Side Quests

After completing Dungeon Three, you'll unlock a very unique reward... side quests!

There's currently only one side quest available that will come with this release, but more will open up soon enough.

To start your first side quest, talk to Kingston again after finishing D3. He'll give you a riddle book, and then it's up to you to track down your new objectives. Good luck!


A note from Quest Team

Dungeon Three quests have been our most ambitious and exciting addition yet! But with cool new features comes the possibility of more bugs. We ask that you please make a bug report, or even a missing items report, if anything goes wrong during your quests. The absolute best way for us to figure out what's not working is to see screenshots of what your NPCs (or in this case, your radio) are telling you. Thank you so much for the support for this project overall, and we can't wait for you to experience this new chapter in your MDT adventure!

Additionally, we've removed all delays between dungeons. Moving forward, you'll need Agent Points (Two of them to get from Dungeon 1 to 2) to move on, so be sure to do your daily quests so you don't miss a beat when new updates come out!

Also a huge thank you to Relic team, Mythic Mob team, and especially Flex (who set up all these awesome things) for making these quests possible!

Remember Agents: Protect, Observe, Preserve!

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