Easter Event 2022


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Elliptical image of Easter-themed minecraft build. Text reads Towny Event: Easter 2022

Calendar representing an event with a calendar piece

Hello Maestrea!

Your events team has been going hopping mad putting together an egg-cellent celebration of Easter in Maestrea!

The event will Spring forth Friday, April 15 through Sunday May 1.

Here are the featured activities!

/warp Easter

Image of the Easter-themed arena

We've polished off and updated a beautiful Easter-globe from events past and brought it back as a way to test your might against nine fearsome foes. The arena is separated into three zones (marked by holograms):

Easy zone:
• Befuddled Bunny
• Funny Bunny
• Honey Bunny

Mid-tier zone:
• Innocent Chick
• Crazed Chicken
• Mad Hen

Hard Zone:
• Foxy Roxy
• Tattle Tod
• Sneaky Slylock

We have turned keep-inventory on within the arena, but fly and setting homes is not permitted. Should you find you are able to do either of these things, please let us know immediately.

New Quests!

Dorothy, Ivy and Chuck have brand new adventures for you to enjoy. You will need to assist them completely to earn your calendar piece!

Build an Easter Bonnet

Do the Bunny Hop
Dye an Egg

Collect the Carrots
Feed the Hungry Bunny
Bake Hot-Cross Buns (did you bring your recorder?)

New NPCs!


During the Valentine's Event, Maestrean players were immensely helpful in sending a message off to Father's family! Theodosius Orson Dandridge the Sixth, affectionately called "T6" by his friends, has arrived to assist his Father in hunting the evil that plagues Maestrean lands.

T6 would like to learn more about some of these strange items within Maestrea (tutorial quest)

Father has a challenge for you within this strange new bubble, filled with flowers, bugs, and crazed beasts that seem oddly thematic.

What is Easter without a few hidden Easter Eggs? There is even more to discover within our events - check with Vance, look everywhere, see what you find!

Known Issues:
• The quest journal does not update unless you toggle it off and on again. Use the command /qc journal to do this.
• The scoreboard is occasionally a little buggy. This is solved by toggling it off and on again with the command /qc scoreboard.
• The parkour is slow to count - you'll need to jump to a block and wait for the number on the scoreboard to go up.

Should you encounter further problems, please make a ticket on our
Discord in the #tickets channel!

ENORMOUS thanks to our events team: sarahmigo, HoudiniAI, Xayao, Mietm...
Thanks to assisting admins: FracturedDream, ElliotJD ...
Thanks to the Items team: Redd_is_Here...
As always, thanks to Jare...

For making this event possible!