False ban Appeal BenLW

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Jul 26, 2020

Reason for ban: "World Downloader is not allowed"

Length of ban: Permanent


Backstory: Town called Invictus recently fell and I was asking around trying to find where the bulk of the town was so I can raid it. Everybody kept telling me to search for it and that I give up too easily. I then made up how I world downloaded the world so that people would see that excuse and know that I did try to search for it, even though I didn't. When questioned by staff, I went along with my lie because I didn't know any better and thought it was harmless until one of the staff said it wasn't allowed and explained why. At that point I couldn't explain I was lying about it, even though I was. I am deeply sorry for wasting your time with this, but I see no other way to prove my innocence due to my tendency to exaggerate the truth for self actualization. I am a known member of this community which may not mean much to you, but this is basically the only server I play on and enjoy playing on, so I would love to continue playing here if you could reverse my false ban. I can explain further if needed.

Proof(If needed):

World Downloader runs as a client, and attached is a screenshot my version folder in .minecraft, which shows that I have no third party clients downloaded.

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Mar 30, 2019
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Hey BenLW, I'd like to start by thanking you for making an appeal in the proper place.

As a forwarning, showing your files of Minecraft does not prove a lack of modifications as they can be easily deleted or moved for screenshots. Your ban for using World Downloader was due to you admitting it in chat. After you were told it wasn't allowed you questioned why it wasn't which is what lead me to believe you had used it. World Downloader is forbidden on the server, as it allows players to explore the map freely, such as finding ores, spawners, bases, etc. all illegitimately, which the player could also use forbidden modifications such as fly hacks, x-ray, and other illegal client modifications.

As for your ban, I like to think you made a mistake by saying you used it, so I will be unbanning you. That being said, please know that lying to staff. use of illegal modifications to your client or game, or any use of World Downloader will result in harsher punishment and less leniency than this. Please take some time to read the rules that can be found here.

Appeal Accepted.
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