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May 18, 2019
Hello! For those that don't know, I deal with making events, and "moderating" (checking the chances on things, giving out sneak peeks, releasing more content) that kinda thing. As you know, the Summer event had ended earlier today (lasted 30 days). I wanted to get your feedback on it. Before you give me your feedback just got a few things to say, Yes I know I was a bit more secretive this event, because I didn't have much time to be online, during Weeks 1 & 2, since I had been working on some things (which won't be a problem next event I promise). Anyways, I am mainly expecting 1 thing you liked and 1 thing you would have liked if it was different. Some factors to note, for Week 1, We weren't able to stop the bees from drowning and we had considered making them a different mob like a spider (problem with that was it would despawn in towns) and in Week 3, I had made a mistake at the start regarding the chance to get the title which was changed after. One more thing I ask that you include in your reply, please tell me whether you like content that revolves more around RNG, or not.
Apr 29, 2016
This event was a extremely fun one to take part in, albeit there was a little bit of grinding involved with a pinch of RNG that makes it even more of a challenge to get what your going for (The good part about the RNG is that it makes some items from the event more rare, since not a lot of people will have said items by the end of the event.) Everything about this event screamed "Hey! It's summer time, lets go!" The bees were a good touch (and yes it was annoying when they would die in water, but it happens) The parrots were spot on for this event (Cassie may not forgive all of us for a while for killing them xD) and The way to obtain daisy's was a smart idea especially after twitch streamers were added during the event (Shout out to Thor and Klozer for their awesome streams) and the Popsicle title was nice. (It looks sweet, no pun intended lol)

My Opinion on content that revolves more around RNG is that I enjoy having it around since it makes obtaining certain items harder but it gives those items more value, and in turn makes it more sot after. RNG can be a pain sometimes but it has its own rewards to it too.

All in all I thought that this event was a great one TMS and this type of event should come out a lot more in the days to come.

Thanks for making such a cool and awesome event! :D
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