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Jan 28, 2019
I love to build and I built a lot of cool stuff for my family. My wife and both kids played Elyssia with me. I built them a town with villagers to trade with, a fishing outpost, a natural guardian xp farm, and other farms for their individual professions and store types. These builds are huge and most are visually appealing. I specifically took my private world on Maestrea at a point where a guardian temple spawned naturally, just in case I was going to be able to move this massive build from Elyssia to Maestrea. If I cannot, I will not rebuild it. This will be the final betrayal and I will not play Maestrea simply out of anger. It took my family a year to build this thing. We have full time jobs, and both kids are involved in the church and extracurricular activities. It was a massive undertaking and a labor of love.

I also fell in love with the item customization mechanics and built my own character around obtaining all the items necessary to be a one stop shop for end game gear. If that system goes away and I have to do the Maestrea magic bottle mechanic that I don't understand it will invalidate all of that work even if you transfer my mcmmo and jobs levels. I guess I'll wait and see. If it goes away, you will have invalidated so much time and effort into leveling specific mcmmo and jobs to work with these mechanics. This will be another betrayal.

When the announcement went out, I was the first to call it a betrayal despite assurances that nothing would be lost. I knew it was too good to be true, so thanks for finally being honest about it. You're right, we've been in a holding pattern. We're not going to develop any more skills, earn any more money, create any more cool stuff, or build any more cool builds if it's all just going to go away.

Someone asked earlier if Mcmmo levels would be merged and overwritten like JObs levels. I never saw an answer to that question.

Things I like about Maestrea.

  1. I haven't tried dungeons yet. I'm afraid that I'll love them. Falling in love with them would feel like I was sleeping with the enemy.
  2. Private worlds. Not gonna lie, I love my private island in the middle of the ocean, especially if I get to port my Natural Guardian farm over from Elyssia. This island does feel like I'm sleeping with the enemy.
  3. The community is so much bigger than Elyssia ever was. Again, don't want to make friends with people I'm going to leave out of spite if the merge is too painful to stay.


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Jun 10, 2019
So, reading through the posts there is a lot of emotion and passion flowing into this conversation. That's what Elyssia was all about: a community that cares for each other and a genuine love for the server. People make the community and without those people, there is nothing.

We all have an opinion about what is the best direction for this merge and I feel like I'd like to chime in. Elyssia felt like a home away from home for years and so playing Minecraft on ElyssiaMC was injected into my day to day routine. It certainly helps when your partner feels the same passion! The truth is, the server started to decline sometime last summer. We all felt it. It was like an implosion that gave us an uneasy feeling. We chose to stick around and, in many cases, get more involved with the server. The feeling of decline was always in the back of our minds. Then, the abrupt merger announcement shocked the community around New Year (I believe), shaking the confidence of even the most loyal players. Many of us stopped building, stopped grinding, and stopped playing altogether. Looked grim. Nothing worse than realizing that your home away from home will be wiped by the push of a button. Alas, some respect for the community had been acknowledged by the Maestrean management and staff to salvage at least part of the community and finally there was a slight feeling of hope.

I want to acknowledge that, while Maestrea stands to gain an incredible wealth of amazing ideas from the Elyssia server, the willingness to compromise with the community is notably valuable. Thank you for not deleting the Elyssian community outright, and for being willing to hear the voices of those who have been loyal over the past 6 months. I hope I speak for everyone when I say we appreciate the respect for what Micc has built up over the past few years which was an amazing Minecraft server and, more personally, my "home away from home".

I understand that to salvage a map that was created in version 1.9 (or so) is virtually impossible, or at least, extremely labour intensive. There's no doubt that I will miss my base and town that I've poured hundreds of hours into creating. Rest in peace, Deerfield! I get it though, we can't have any of the new biomes unless it is reset. Oceans are now cooler than anyone could have imagined, and the new blocks introduced in 1.13 and 1.14 will make rebuilding a lot of fun. So, at least for me, rebuilding is acceptable. Allowing Schematica is yet another nice compromise to the community.

Most impressively, allowing Mcmmo levels, jobs, and ranks to transfer over to a new server is an absolutely huge gesture, and I cannot stress how much that means to many of us. The one thing I hope that will be considered is a full transfer of a select few items that will function on the new server. Starting from scratch and acquiring new gear does feel bad. Losing all of our money feels worse. Please allow some items that will be ported to Maestrea eventually to be brought over by the loyal Elyssian community. Job hats, legendary items, item taggers, random sentimental items. Allowing for a fresh start with gear we worked hard to acquire will mean quite a bit to those who have stuck around through some stressful times, even if we have to wait for them to be programmed in. We want to join the Maestrean community, but we would also like to retain a bit of wealth.

In all, I think I'd like to mostly say 'thank you' for salvaging Elyssia. I look forward to seeing how jobs and items from Elyssia will be integrated into a merged server. The community and culture on Maestrea looks like a lot of fun, and I'm looking forward to finally getting the chance to play as one.. and finally try the dungeons everyone is raving about!

There's a lot going on right now, things broke with the introduction of 1.14, which is absolutely expected. The remaining loyal Elyssian community will wait patiently until a merge is ready to be initiated, as long as we feel that our 'home away from home' is still intact.

Thanks for taking the time to read through this post. Cheers!
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Jun 14, 2019
As for the 9 items becoming cosmetic, will it just be the lore and name, or will/can it show the enchantments it used to have in the lore? Maybe in a darker font color to distinguish it from items that actually have those enchantments? My main concern would be scamming but if something were to be done to clearly mark the item as merely cosmetic I hope that wouldn't be an issue.


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Jan 12, 2019
As for the 9 items becoming cosmetic, will it just be the lore and name, or will/can it show the enchantments it used to have in the lore?
The plan is to show all enchantments and lore as it was before being made cosmetic.

My main concern would be scamming but if something were to be done to clearly mark the item as merely cosmetic I hope that wouldn't be an issue.
We have indeed already considered this and have a couple of solutions in mind. We'll see which works best and then go with that one, I understand and appreciate your concern though.
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