give us back the ability to crush without blacksmith.

Jan 6, 2019
i have wasted two hours this afternoon trying to get to grips with this and it has ruined my play really.

Whos awful idea was this? please reverse it.



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Feb 5, 2018
I'm willing to as well. If you need anything crushed just message me in-game or even on discord. I can crush items for you, since I have blacksmith leveled up, and it seems Storm can as well =)
Jan 6, 2019
Whilst that is very kind and helpful of you both it does not solve the problem and i really feel this was a very bad decision.
The ability to crush items and reroll stuff for progress in dungeons is a very costly and time consuming process, that is in gaining the materials from the items.
That ability was effectively removed and players forced into leaving a job for another that they did not want.
Even with Klozers very kind offer of the use of her public blacksmith grinder and using all of my 16 allowed furnaces i managed to level up to 2!
Only 73 to go!
Using a shovel in the grinder also takes a ton of material for the repair process and getting that takes even more time.
I was really feeling like i was getting somewhere and enjoying my time on the server but this has effectively spoiled it for me. Sorry but that is the way i feel about this.


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Sep 27, 2016
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That ability was effectively removed and players forced into leaving a job for another that they did not want.
Thankfully it was changed so that you don't have to keep the job, you only have to level it up to the point that gets you the ability to crush items of the tier you'd like to crush :)

Using a shovel in the grinder also takes a ton of material for the repair process and getting that takes even more time.
It does take a bit if you're just going for the material yourself ): But it's quite a lot easier if you purchase it! It's a bit of a money investment but it would replace a good portion of the time you'd have to use to get the materials on your own ^.^

Even with Klozers very kind offer of the use of her public blacksmith grinder and using all of my 16 allowed furnaces i managed to level up to 2!
Only 73 to go!
How long did you spend trying to level it? I'm unsure of the actual time it takes to level since it's been quite a bit since I've messed around with it >.> Although it really isn't all that difficult to level in the effort department, minimal attention required as well c:

I enjoy the idea since it will allow us to possibly add some more unique features to certain jobs and allow them to work together a bit more instead of just being something done for a mindless money grind. Although it is quite annoying at the start since it hasn't had any prerequisites up until now, I think it could result in something quite nice. It may need some more changes and we'll continue evaluating it and what we can do to lessen the impact and make it a bit more friendly!
If you have any suggestions that you feel could improve this new system (short of reverting it back to the old system) please do feel free to share them!

A couple other tips that could possibly lessen the time it takes to level:
Check out the Server notifications channel on the Maestrea discord so you can be alerted as to when someone activates an EXP booster and work on leveling it up then instead
Buy ores, possibly setting up a playerwarp / shop connected to some sort of autosmelter that you can turn off and then turn that on when you get online and an EXP boost is going
Get some workers and have them work on it for you, too! (personally my favourite way to level up jobs tbh, although very slow if it's the only method x.x)

Combining those along with grinding it out a bit while an exp booster is going should greatly reduce the time needed to level it up, along with netting you some resources to level it up with as well!

I'm sorry that you dislike this change, but hopefully these tips make it easier for you! (and anyone else that would rather crush their own items instead of having someone else do it for them!)

back to shoveling snow until i hit level 100 blacksmith again x.x haha
just tossing my opinions out here c:
Jan 6, 2019
Ok, so after i have spent even more time puzzling out and pestering players on how to actually impliment these things so they actually work effectively (easy for you and the top level players out there), hopefully that may reduce the time needed to get back to square one? I (and anyone else) clearly have a simple choice now.

I remember as a new player to this and in fact any online server, myself and eventually my kids taking a long time to get the most basic things trad style.
It was the helpfulness of ign hypixelbedwars who showed me the grinders at n spawn and later many other of the most familiar names in dungeons and towny that have got me to where i am now. A testament to the people who make up the community it really is.
As for the content providers and managers i can not even begin to concieve how much work all this is to impliment, unreal!
My only and final word is that you carefully consider the impact of the changes you make and that it does not discourage other players who are in it for the long haul or new players like us. These are the future of the server i would imagine. Anyway, time I moved on from this.
Regards to all.


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Nov 19, 2016
SeaWorld ;)
@HydrofluoricAcid I totaly understend you, tho to get mcmmo ability high you can just grind money and buy credits, or for lvl up jobs do as @Aze says, also IK big part is on towny mayor and staff, or if you just own town from start, it is eaven harder (join nation with big grinders), for newcomers is important to get startup info, lots of tips how to lvl up jobs and mcmmo, my town member kyubi, each time he do woodcutting ask in global for players if they need boost to share mcmmo thru party with other players everyone can do that.
For jobs, try to lvl up 1st easy acces jobs, when you get lvl 100 (sum of all jobs) just buy worker invest into coins and lvl up jobs level's with them as well, you will easier hit limit and repeat all again, I recomend hunter/hellworker with grinders, few nice grinder setups are acceseble to almost all players.
But at end will take some of your playtime anyway, and looks like just that is your trouble RN, well I'm on maestrea for long long time now, and I'm still here, so they must do something correct (tho big downside was world delete), yea I'm high lvl player, tho I invested 10-11M into my grinder and grind hell up to get P3 (1 more rankup to be P3 mythic), sice more you invest more you get, just take a time, if you need any more tips just contact someone and ask how it is easiest way to do it, I learnd that on hard way ;(.
IK all here is not correct english, that's whay you maby do not see me on global chat online, but I'm there :)


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Jan 23, 2019
How crusher should've been implemented was to have Blacksmith job unlock the perk to receive the enchantment book and scrolls through crushing. Doing so will let players use crusher normally and have that option to pursue blacksmith for the extra benefits. Currently since crushing gives enchanted book above vanilla cap, there is no use for it now since there wasn't any way to apply these vanilla+ enchants to armour. Once there is a system to apply them then crusher should've been change with it.

How crusher is now , to me isn't all the bad, however i do see how it is unfavorable to most. Having a simple system become more effort to use, but for Elyssian its easier since Maestrea has workers and the ability to keep job levels even if you leave them. So I see this as Soap just trying to cater towards other players and is trying his best to balance both worlds.
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