Golden Hopper, item sorter

Apr 16, 2020
Short description: New Item that makes sorting chests easier, reduces the amount of hoppers significantly and removes the need for redstone
Long description: As seen in the mod linked below, this hopper allows filtering of items to easily build an item sorter, currently it takes significant number of hoppers and redstone to build a sorting system.
How is it beneficial: Since we are limited in hoppers we can place, and to reduce lag, this mod would be both beneficial for the players and for the server lag.
Links and videos: Golden Hopper
first 7 minutes of video
What can be possible downsides?: Unknowns introduced with a new mod, mod maintenance though for this one seems simple to maintain.
Nov 23, 2019
Doesn't anyone who wants to log into the server have to have this mod running? That would cause alot of downsides i.e we couldn't get new players as easily (if you look at a modded server the player count is much lower because no one can be bothered to install a mod lol) having a vanilla server I can imagine is also always best since you avoid bugs, updates etc.
I think the only real option would be to make this either a datapack or somehow a plugin? As far as I know, Maestrea wants to remain 'vanilla'.
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