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May 18, 2019
IGN: Goodod2
Reason for ban: Toxicity, Disrespect and harassment
Length of ban: five day's
Appeal: I'm sorry for being Toxic, people get mad, and things happen, and I feel bad for it. Disrespect and harassment I do not understand what you mean. The ticket I made was over a case of stealing, yes I said stuff about that person like *fucker*, and stuff but if he cant see it its not harassment I never told him he was I kept it to myself other then staff I though I could trust with that, anyways other then that I talked it over with EG and lynkzo and it was just a misunderstanding so I closed the ticket, and said nvm, and for some reason that's a bannable thing now, I didn't rush anyone in the ticket or anything all I did was say nvm after a day , and i get banned for it and only after one warning yesterday. this warning from Flex was a misunderstanding on his side, and I could have said more before leaving. so now that I know I can get banned for asking for help and dealing with it myself and getting banned for it I wont be asking for help ever again or making a ticket. thanks for reading this.

Proof(If needed): 1558196855428.png 1558196825269.png



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Jun 15, 2017
Hello, I'll be addressing your appeal.

I'd like to start by placing emphasis on the fact that you've been very toxic, rude and disrespectful toward certain high staff members in tickets and personal messages on discord, when something did not go to your pleasing you'd become very rude and disrespectful and as flex stated in the screen shot you posted, yes, you've been told countless times.

Just to let you know, yes, I saw the very rude messages you sent me on discord and then promptly deleted them, along with all our previous conversations, that was not a very nice thing to do, however I do have screens of our conversation from last Sunday, highlighting where I issued you a final warning to please drop the attitude, which, given this appeal, you did not.

Our conversation started when you became enraged at Flex after he stated that closing a ticket on discord while he was typing a long response to you, was rude and immature, which IS an immature thing to do, again, upset things did not go as you wanted, you began to message a staff member, disrespecting flex in messages, that staff member sent you my way and sent me screens of what you said.

"Who's wolf" you began directing that same hostile attitude toward me when I informed you that no, I was not going to "punish" flex as he did nothing wrong.

Several days later, you made a ticket on a player lynkzo, stating that he'd scammed you over a trade of "8 frags for a tung coin" upon investigating, I found that you'd not been involved in this trade at all, you'd simply attempted to interject yourself into the deal after it was mentioned in chat/from another player, this was very odd and made little to no sense. I investigated and found no scam had occurred a misunderstanding, however once I informed you of this in the ticket, you became enraged and went in game and then attempted to throw tung coins onto lynkzo and then use it for "proof" to get him banned and said the following to Lynkzo
Screenshot (6916).png
Several things pointed to a grudge or vendetta against this player, I took the time to look further and found that you were very upset over the fact that, players would invite Lynkzo to raids over yourself, often getting mad if someone would not invite you to ROE and slandering them if you did not get your way
Screenshot (6924).png
Screenshot (6922).png
Screenshot (6931).png
Screenshot (6913).png
After talking to several other players, whom wish to remain anonymous and I'll respect that, I've concluded you abused the ticket/reporting system an attempt to get a player banned that you held a grudge against. THAT, the harassment, your disrespect you subjected several staff members to and given the fact you ONLY closed the ticket once you realized there was a ban report on the forums on you, not out of having "resolved" your differences with the player, show me your attitude is not improving. I was being kind when I set your ban to FIVE days instead of permanent and was hopeful for an apologetic appeal, NOT a load of hateful discord messages and a full on denial.

Toxicity, disrespect, harassment, deception with no signs of improvement. I've ran this by soap, we're upgrading your ban to permanent and this will extend to discord too. Appeal denied and thread closed.
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