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Mar 14, 2016


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Mar 14, 2016
Build Battle Season 2!
Time to revive the good old build battle! :D
How will this build battle work?
- 4 players will be provided with $750 to buy building materials from the Greenville Marketplace to suit the theme of the build. They will have 10 mins to build in their own plots. There will be a total of 5 different rounds. The winners of rounds 1-4 will get to participate in round 5 whereby the winner wins a grand prize!
When will this happen?
- Rounds 1-4 will happen randomly at any time of the day. Round 5 will most likely be held on the weekends (depends). I will announce that I'm looking for players to compete in the build battle in chat.
Any prizes?

Round 1-4
Winner: 5 vote keys
Runner-ups: 2 vote keys
Round 5
Winner: 8 shards
Runner-ups: 2 shards + 2 vote keys

Any other questions? Drop me a pm on forums!
Updates on the event + Winners + Pics of builds will all be posted here:


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Apr 18, 2016
California, USA

What a success the Mob Arena Event was!! Thank you to everyone who participated and we hope you had fun! But as this one ends, another one shall begin. It's time for...


How It Works:

We will have 4 rounds of 4 players each fishing up as many fish as they can in an allotted time frame, using a generic non-enchanted fishing rod. No potions will be allowed during this time either. If we see any, you will be disqualified immediately. These will take place over four days, and then we will have a final round for the winners of the previous four and they will be competing for the grand prize.
Each type of fish will be worth a different amount of points. The player with the the most points at the end of the time will be the winner and move onto the final round.
1. Sat 10th- 8pm pst
2. Sun 11th- delayed until later tonight
3. Mon 12th- 3pm pst
4. Tues 13th- 8pm pst
Final: Thurs 15th - 8pm pst
Times are in US Pacific Standard Time-you can use online tools such as Time Zone Converter to convert the time zones and see what times those are for you.
Please Note- Look at the final time first. If you cannot make this, then you may not want to enter any of the contests because if you win a round but can't make the final, your spot will be given to the second place position.

Watch in chat 10-20 min before the event is set to begin. I will be advertising the contest and looking for entries. To enter go to /t spawn Greenville and drop an item with your name on it in the designated hopper. I will take the first four names inside. You will not be allowed to put your item in until I start advertising! You will be provided the generic fishing rod when the event begins. (Hopper is located to the left of the pond right outside the coffee shop)
Grand Prize:

First Place of Rounds:

Second Place:
2 Clicks of the Mystery Dispenser
3rd & 4th:
1 Click of Mystery Dispenser

Look Forward To Seeing You!!

Happy Fishing!!
In the meantime, stop by the pond and tame some ocelots!

Initial Rounds

Winner of Round 1: TheTryingPanda 70pts
ConnorDerp 38pts (winner of tie breaker)
MasterMiner726 38pts
Haterz 27pts

Winner of Round 2: WtfLoitch

Winner of Round 3: Sumbum

Winner of Round 4: Sinon94



Grats to TheIrishPirate1 for winning the final round of the Fishing Competition!! Enjoy your Amphitrite!

Thankyou to everyone who competed! See you next time.
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Jul 25, 2016
'straya mate

Chase the almighty Assassin around GreenVille! He is agile, invisible and
prone to disappearing! Do you think you can catch him?

When is it?

It’ll be hosted on the 21st of September. I’ll do my best to include the timezones.
11:00am - AEST (GMT+10)
9:00pm - GMT-4
3:00am - GMT+2
9:00am - GMT+8
Hopefully those timezones give a big enough idea of when the event will begin for you!

How do I enter?

On the day of the event in chat I will be advertising the event in global chat. All you need to do in order to join the chase is to show up at GreenVille!

How does it work?

I will /hat an Assassin’s Artifact which will give me Speed 4 and Invisibility. As a participant in this event your task is to tag me (punching me ONCE, kill me, you are disqualified). We will know the person who hits me first because of the Combat Tag system. The first player to tag me will win. But heres the catch. I’m not going to be standing still, I’ll be running around with me Speed 4, trying to get you guys off my tail!

What can’t I do?

  • Killing the Assassin is a no-no. If you do so, you will be disqualified from the event, forfeiting your prize.
  • Speed Enhancing items / potions. In other words this means no Bunny Charms, Auto Speed Boots, Assassin Artifacts, Speed Potions, etc. These will give an unfair advantage over other players and any use of these will result in disqualification.
  • Attacking or killing other players during the event. If you are reported doing so, you will be asked to return all items and also receive a disqualification.
Prizes (the part i’m sure you’ve all been waiting for!)
The grand prize for the first person to tag the Assassin will be a Bunny Charm! (Donated by BradTheBloody). Along with the ‘grand prize’, everyone who participated will receive a small consolation prize for showing up! But shhhh… It’s a surprise!

We hope to see you there!
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Jul 25, 2016
'straya mate
What a great turnout the 'Chase the Assassin' event was!

Thanks to everyone who participated and congratulations to Eadibles and carlwfoster who both won a Bunny Charm!

I hope everyone else enjoyed their Shards for participating and especially thank you for actually lining up in a civil manner.

We hope to see you all shopping at GreenVille again soon :)


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Mar 14, 2016
New Events!
These events will be called Common Events. They will happen at anytime with no advance notice. They will also be quite common and will be announced in chat! The events include...

- The Fishy Merchant
Known to live under the marketplace, but sometimes goes up the surface of the marketplace to take in the fresh air, bringing his cash and chest shops along with him...
- The Boat Race!
People will race in boats and the winner will get a random prize! You can access the race track using the stairs near the entrance of the marketplace.
- Platformers
People will be standing on a platform where blocks will "magically" disappear under them. The last one standing wins! Prizes to be won as well!

Upcoming events in OCTOBER:
-Octoberfest [Flexion&Warriorzom]
+ People getting drunk and going through an obstacle course
+ First person who gets kicked from the server first wins

-Halloween transformation (Mid october)
+ The marketplace will turn dark and spookay :)
-Haunted house [BreadPuddin]
+ Haunted house filled with tons of spooky spooky stuff *MUAHAHA*
-A shop halloween theme competition only for shop owners (Ends end October)
+The best decorated shop for halloween wins 10k, second gets 5k, third gets 2.5k, people who participated gets 1k.
-Trick o treating (Last 2 days of October) [To Be Confirmed]
+ Dank treats everywhere!
^More information of upcoming events will be posted on this thread!


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Mar 14, 2016
Hey guys, small update on the upcoming events; the Octoberfest event and the Halloween haunted house event will be held extremely soon (within these 2 weeks), look out for the announcement in chat! Apologies for having to reschedule the events but I'm glad to say we're back!

- Octoberfest events:
+ People get drunk and finish an obstacle course, first to the end wins!
+ People get drunk and try to survive for as long as possible on a platform which slowly disappears! Last one standing wins!
+ First to get kicked off the server for being overly drunk wins!

- Halloween events:
+ Haunted house by the one and only BreadPuddin!
+ Marketplace Transformation
[Already done]

Our Halloween haunted house and kill the bats event has been cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances. We will most likely be taking a break from hosting events in November although we will still be hosting Chase the assassin, Platformers, Boat racing and maybe a quick build battle. Sorry to everyone who were waiting for our halloween event.
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