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Aug 27, 2019
Rank: Helper
In-game name: annaofc
Age: 18
in-game Rank(use /rank): Chieftain
Playtime(use /rank): A total of 1 day 7 hours
Do you have discord? (if yes, include your name): annaofc#5999
Timezone/country: The Netherlands
Earlier punishments(warns, bans, on other servers or here, if any): A private message from a staff member for going on with a unnecessary conversation for too long. I quit it as soon as the warning came through.

Why we should pick you:
I'm a very positive person with a helping hand and who is very socially active on the server's global chat. I won't hesitate to help a player out with whatever it might be. Being friendly is the most important thing to me. If a player breaks the server rules, i'm not afraid to give them a warning etc. but I will keep it friendly and not too strict if it wasn't their intention to break rules.

In April 2019 I was a Services Helper staff member on a Facebook page: see Log into Facebook | Facebook
I quit in May because of personal reasons, but from this I have learned many things to take responsibilities as a staff team member.

What would you do, if someone was

- Advertising another server: I would privately message them and warn them not to break the rules, because that is against the rules. If they keep on spamming this, I would contact a staff member about it and mute the player from the chat.

- Swearing extensively: I would privately message the player that this is against the rules, swearing is not allowed. If they keep going or start to spam it, I would give them a warning and mute them.

- Auction Scamming/Boosting: If the player is scamming or boosting an auction, first I would privately message them about it and give them a warning, then I would ask them to refund the money and have the item returned. If the player does not negotiate with this, I would give them a warning and eventually if they continue, I would warn a staff member about this.

- Spamming: If the player continues to go on with spamming, I would first privately message them to calm the spam or eventually quit it. If they continue, I will give another warning in the global chat and if they still do not comply, I will mute them.

- Asking for help: If any player asks for help, I will first see for myself what this will be about. If I can solve the problem on my own, I will. If this is not possible, I could contact a staff member or have them to make a ticket.

- Arguing about religion/politics or another controversial subject: If a player continues to go on with the subject, I will ask them to drop it. If they do not comply, I would warn them and if they still continue to go on about the same subject, I will contact a staff member.

- Tp-killed: I would contact both parties about this and see what the situation exactly is. I would ask the player to return items to the victim if both parties comply. If the player is not cooperating, they will get an official warning along with a mute and a staff member will be contacted.


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Dec 12, 2016
United Kingdom
Application Denied

Since this is your first application, you may reapply in 1 month. If you would like feedback regarding this application, please contact an Admin/Manager+.

Closing Thread.
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