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Nov 20, 2020
Rank: Helper
In-game name: eveefbi
Age: 15
in-game Rank(use /rank):
Date Joined (check /res date):
Do you have discord? (if yes, include your name): yes the name is eveefbi#2507
Timezone/Country: PST/CALIFORNA
Earlier punishments(warns, bans, on other servers or here, if any): no
Why we should pick you: Because I can help this server and I want to help the innocent and keep this server safe and prosecute its fame and glory!
What would you do, if someone was, and I'm great at building and I've been practising a lot I think I could hope, please and thank you!
- Advertising another server: warn/temp mute
- Swearing extensively: mute warn
- Auction Scamming/Boosting: mute
- Spamming: warn
- Asking for help: respond to them
- Arguing about religion/politics or another controversial subject: warn
- Tp-killed: warn temp ban


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Dec 26, 2018
Hi there! Thanks for making an application! We do love seeing new people apply and join our staff team. Unfortunately you don't meet the requirements to apply for helper just yet. You can find the requirements here right above the helper template. The two in question are: Sentinel+ Rank and Been on the server for a month, check /res for registered date. You seem to have skipped those two questions in your application, but a quick check shows your /res date does not meet the required month. As such this application will be closed. This will not count against you. Please feel free to re-apply once you meet all the requirements to do so.

Application Closed.
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