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Jan 11, 2021
Hello! I

I'm Jess and I've been playing on Maestra for a very long time! I love the server and the people on it and I have been trying to help out more recently and I think this is a great next step for me. Cheers!
Rank: Helper
In-game name: J3ster5
Age: 17
in-game Rank(use /rank): Earl, well on my way to legend :)
Date Joined (check /res date): Aug 8 2018 but I have been playing since long before that.
Do you have discord? (if yes, include your name): Yes! JesseJames5#8539
Time zone/country: CST USA
Earlier punishments(warns, bans, on other servers or here, if any): I'm sure I've been muted before but
Why we should pick you: I will be able to do a lot of good work, I spend plenty of time here and vote whenever I login. Also i'm a huge fan of the server
and have been for years, I want what's best for it, I imagine an extra pair of hands is always useful.
What would you do, if someone was
- Advertising another server: I would tell them to stop, if they did it again I would likely say 1 more gives a temp mute
and if they did it past that I would give them that temporary mute.
- Swearing extensively: Very similar to advertising I would ask them to stop, if they didn't I would warn them, and if it continued a temporary mute.
- Auction Scamming/Boosting: I would take note of who it is and tell them its against the rules. maybe tell some higher up staff or submit a ticket myself if they kept it up.
- Spamming: I'm a big fan of politely asking them to stop, then warning them, and if they continue past it giving them a temporary punishment
- Asking for help: Help them the best I can! Suggest the FAQ if I cant help, and perhaps check the FAQ myself so I know in the future.
- Arguing about religion/politics or another controversial subject: Shut it down as quickly as possible, that sort of thing has no place on Maestra, where people are trying to unwind and relax.
- Tp-killed: Submit a ticket and let the higher ups know that someone is abusing the tp system. Do the best I can to help whoever got tp-killed.


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Mar 30, 2019
Michigan, United States
Application Denied.

Since this is your first application, you may reapply in 1 month. If you would like feedback regarding this application, please contact an Admin+.

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