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Mar 27, 2016
Rank Wanted: Helper
In Game Name: ItzLightPlayz
How many hours a day i can play: 5-8
I have never been banned
Age: 14
In Game Rank: Warrior
time zone: Utah/West america
Why you should pick me: I am nice and i listen to rules I help players I am on alot I know most the commands on the server I know most the plugins and how they work If some one is Hacking/Cheating/grifeing give 1 warning then ban I can help players in need if they are haveing trouble with somtihng I help them I dont abuse my powers
I help the other staff I lead players to the top when they are new and help them to become better then ever befor
I dont give items/money to Players I never get angery and or rage i Love this server with all my heart I welcome players when they join for the first time if people are advertiseing give a warning then mute/kick
I Love helping servers get on the top of the minecraft planet list and i enjoy inviteing new players and I have a lot of exireience with staff i owned 3 servers and was Admin on an other.
If the player is Swearing/being rude give a warning then Mute for 5 minuets
if they are spamming mute Immedietly
Auction scamming: tell them to cancle if they continue tell an admin or higher staff
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Feb 15, 2016
Application denied.
As this is a repeat application, no further applications will be accepted.
We appreciate your interest, but have decided you would not be a good fit for our team.

Closing thread.
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