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May 2, 2018
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The weather is chilling in the northern hemisphere, it's time to settle in with a blanket, a cup of hot cocoa and listen to a story.

Years ago, a very small village was founded in an isolated valley. They had been encouraged to settle in this new area despite the strange and sometimes dangerous inhabitants and found that despite the occasional skirmish, they were able to live in peace and prosperity.

Then, several months ago, more frequent attacks from the inhabitants began. The creatures who lived in this valley were becoming more organized, more angry. Whispers of something called the Mob Alliance came to the villagers and they knew they could no longer remain in their formerly safe home.

Mayor Trumbull gathered his citizens and ventured forth into the wilds, trying to keep his friends safe from the encroaching army. They experienced a host of strange things. Floating islands with no easy way to descend to the ground safely, strange, shrinking worlds where the only goal was to murder everyone you knew, realms where life was dependent on a bed... it was all too much for Mayor Trumbull.

At long last, they found a wintry place that appeared to be abandoned. There was room enough for all the members of the village. He could see space for his farmer Beth's livestock. There was room for the village Elder, Jebediah, to have a garden. Even Marian the Librarian could craft more space for her beloved books. Mayor Trumbull and his friends made their way into this new place, and started sprucing it up, but it was not yet home...


This year's winter event will span 3 weeks, but roll out somewhat slowly. Our first four days are packed with all kinds of exciting activities, so there should be plenty to do, at least for a little while.


We have our very first official ice boat race coming up this weekend! Official link HERE



Aze's mischief has come to the fore if you noticed a few stray presents lying around towny spawn. There are at least 25 presents hidden in spawn - if you find 25, you will receive a reward! This event will reset and be moved around each week for a total of 3 rewards.



Beginning today, you will receive some bone meal each time you vote, "fir food." There is now a /warp tree where you can visit and feed our cute little Community Christmas Tree. It's going to take some effort, but we're hoping we can pull it off! Did we mention if we get the tree to max level, everyone gets a title?



If you visit our old winter spawn at /warp event - you will encounter 8 new visitors.

Their names are:
Trumbull (the Mayor)
Marian (the librarian)
Mitch (the lovable drunkard)
Jim (a fisherman)
Jack (of all trades)
Beth (farmer extraordinaire)
Jebediah (local elder and grump)
Smitty (very busy smith)

It's very cold, so sometimes our npcs are a little slow to speak and give rewards.

We highly recommend you take a moment to talk to everyone before exploring further - but if you do choose to take a look around, our previous players forgot to clean up after themselves and left a few items in several of the chests. You might want to hang onto everything you find, just in case!

There is a new command if you forget what you're supposed to do in your quests - try /qc journal

Our next big update will be coming December 15. Please be patient, and potentially expect a little downtime of the event area as we prepare the next stage for you to enjoy!

Special thanks to beckwa for making the event area beautiful, FracturedDream for making sure our quests work right, Klozer for making incredible items for us to enjoy, Jare helping to implement everything and Takanderfh for reminding Mietm to put in the music!

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