Holiday Event 2020 - Part II


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May 2, 2018
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snowballfight.png HoudiniJD and Ludvaf enjoy a short snowball fight as Jebediah looks on, laughing all the way!

Our story is just a little shorter this time...

Mayor Trumbull looked out over the scenic area and smiled. People were helping his friends every day. They were working together as a community to make their own Christmas tree grow. This was a nice place he believed he could see his village prosper.

It was time to make this place home.

Hello Maestreans! We hope you have been enjoying this holiday period! If you play with sound on, you may have noticed a merry little carol we have playing in our spawn! It's beginning to look a little more festive every day!

For a full list of events, please review our post [HERE].
For more information on the ice boat races, please review our post [HERE].

Summary of events:
Congratulations again to ProjectKO, winner of the first 2020 Ice Boat Race!

There are still a few more days for you to find all 25 presents in spawn! Don't forget we're going to be resetting and moving them all this weekend!

Our little community tree is growing like a weed, more than halfway to its first goal in just 3.5 days!!


Our new arrivals have found our old spawn to be pleasing, and they'd like to build some houses to live in. Beginning 15 December, you'll be able to talk to Mayor Trumbull once more to find out just what our new residents need to make a our old spawn more comfortable.

If you manage to complete all the quests, make sure you speak to Trumbull once again to cement your place as a friend to this village.

To begin the second series of quests, you will need to have completed the first quest. Items can be gotten from Maestrea, Elyssia, or Resource. They cannot be found in the event world!

Don't forget to claim all the things left behind by long-gone players (in the chests around the event area). You will only be able to find these rewards once.

Keep checking back, our story continues on the 19th of December! Hey, that's the same day as the next ice boat race!

Special thanks to HoudiniJD and Ludvaf for volunteering for the screenshot, FracturedDream and Kl0zer for making these quests and items work and look correct, and Jare and Ladster for uploading our files and making Brewce a success!
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