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May 2, 2018
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♪ Jingle Bells, Klozer smells, Elliot ate an egg! ♫

Greetings and salutations, fine Maestreans!

Our content and build team has been working all through the night to try to bring you something truly spectacular during this solstice season!

Vote Rewards:
This month, in addition to our normal vote rewards, we have additional collectibles coming to you at multiple tiers!
You will receive these extra items at: 100, 120, 135, 160 and 180 votes!

(yes, it is a full set of armor)
We've tried to make the 180 votes item extra special!


Our build team has been hard at work convincing Jack Frost to visit our spawn. When their negotiations are finished (a little bit later on December 1), you will be greeted with a winter wonderland!

Advent Calendar:

Beginning December 1, you will be able to access our annual Advent Calendar each day. This year we have 25 wonderful presents for the first 25 days of December.
You can access this in towny /spawn with the command /adventcalendar or by speaking to Santa in spawn.


December 11 is when we will really kick things off for our winter event!

Lost Presents:

Our resident mischief-maker (aze) has once again tried to run off with all the presents intended for our players. Unfortunately for him, he bought a knock-off Santa Bag and it exploded!
Beginning December 11, various gifts will be hidden around spawn. If you find all 25, you'll collect your reward! This event will be available each week of the entire winter event, so you have an opportunity for three gifts!

Growing Christmas Tree:

When you vote, starting December 11, you will receive an additional item: Fir Food! This special item will be used to help a budding Christmas Tree in spawn grow!
This is a community effort task, as it will take 2500 bits of food to make this tree grow from one stage to the next.

Ice Boat Racing:

We have built TWO ice boat racing tracks (one in towny /spawn and one in skyblock /spawn) for players to enjoy, and as of this moment we have four races scheduled.
Prizes will be given to the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners! There are additional rewards for the towny track!


Festive Adventures:
December 11 will be the beginning of our world event. We're expecting guests, so you'll need to make sure you properly introduce yourself and make a good impression!

PHEW! That is a lot of stuff going on this month! Keep your eyes peeled for updates!

Happy Holidays from the Maestrea Content Team and see you online!


Jul 2, 2020
New Brunswick, Canada
♪ Jingle Bells, Klozer smells, Elliot ate an egg! ♫
FYI guys, klozer really smells, like a lot.
I've seen it with my own nose..

Y'all really don't wanna get anywhere near him, if he sees you he'll chase you down and end you, he's a dangerous man, not in terms of stink but you're risking your life every second you spend near him.

This is serious, do me a favor and stay. away. from. klozer.

I just left his dungeon, driving to my grandma's to breathe... I think I lost him.

Tonight I'll sure to be eating some good cu-AAAAAAAAAAA

-end of transmission-
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