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Rank: Helper
In-Game Name: HourlessGlass
Age: 19
In-Game Rank: Demigod
Date Joined: Aug 2nd, 2018. (Pre-Reset Player)
Discord: LightIcePlayz#3698
Timezone/Country: EST, United States
Earlier Punishments: Alting for Gain.

Why you should pick me: I should be picked for this position because I have a vast history and knowledge of this server and its player base. I've been playing on Maestrea since 2016 and have loved every moment of it. Since then I've learned so much about the server and how to help players when issues arise. Seeing new players join is amazing and welcoming them is always nice, I want to be there to help players when and if they need it. Personally, I just want to become a more helpful part of the community, helping people is always a great feeling and I hope to do so for as long as I play on the server. Also, I'm decently active on the server and will be on for players if they so need it.

What would you do, if someone was:

-Advertising another server: I would start off by asking them to stop as Advertising on the server is against the rules. If for some reason they were to continue advertising after being warned I would mute them temporarily and then tell upper staff why I did so if necessary. After the Temp mute is over and they continue to advertise I would inform upper staff to have them punish them how they see fit.

-Swearing: If a player was doing this I would ask for them to stop and try to help them calm down. If they refuse to stop swearing i would simply mute them temporarily and report them to a higher up staff member. If they keep swearing then I would tell upper staff and have them deal with them accordingly.

Auction Scanning/Boosting: If i caught a player auction scamming/boosting I would ask them to stop and tell them it isnt allowed. Soon after I would report the issue to higher staff and then try to help out the scammed player and ask for them to make a ticket to gain anything lost.

Spamming: I would ask the player to kindly stop spamming in chat, if they refuse to stop I would mute them temporaliy and report the issue to staff. If they are to continue after being warned and muted then I would inform higher staff to help resolve the issue.

Asking for help: If a player asked for help I would try to my best ability to help them. First i would ask them what there issue is and try to help them with it. If it isnt in my ability to help them i would ask them to make a ticket on discord for help from a higher staff member.

Arguing about Controversial topics: I would start by trying to resoulve the issues with the players involved, then i would kindly ask for them to keep controversial topics out of maestrea because its a place to relax and enjoy your self. If they can't keep these topics out of chat then I temporaily mute them for the time being. If they still can't keep these topics out of chat after being warned and muted then I would report the issue to higher staff so they can deal with the issue how they see fit.

Tp-Killing: I would tell the player that Tp-killing is againt the rules and then report them to upper staff so they can help with the issue. Then I would ask the player who was Tp-killed to make a ticket so they can get their items back.

Understand that this application is just a copy and paste from my last helper application. I love Maestrea with all my heart and it will always be an everlasting memory of my childhood. I thought it would be fun to apply in its dying moments, while also posting this application 2 years and 2 days apart from my last one. I mean hey it’s the end of the world, wouldn’t you like at least one helper panicking around in its final moments?
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