I am very sorry

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Nov 4, 2019
IGN: Team_Twiizers
Reason for ban: Auto clicking
Length of ban: Permanent
Appeal: I am very sorry for breaking the rules. I hate myself everyday since the ban. I wish i get a second chance, i miss everyone dearly and wish to have fun with others. It felt like ages since the ban. If i ever get unbanned I will respect all the rules and intend to respect everyone. I miss playing dungeons with other players. RoE was so fun. I haven't got any ill gotten gains because since the block thingy fix was my first and last try. I got caught before any payout. I am glad that i didn't make any ill gotten gains. I hope to make the server a better place. The deprivement of social contact with players from this server hurts me alot. since this is the only server with nice people and great game play. I am very sorry for taking away the fairness of the game.
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