Increase jobs limit for prestige

Jul 27, 2020
Short Desc: Jobs limit increased for players to prestige

Long Description: I suggest that the the jobs limit do not stay at 100k when people prestige. People who prestige now have higher rankup costs and sometimes I get tired of only earning 100k every hour. If we can have the jobs limit increase with proportion to rankup costs, that would be nice. I know my ideas will be shut down again as usual but I think I'd just give this a try.

Advantages: Gives people more reason to prestige. Some mythics just choose to stay as non prestige. I had second thoughts of prestiging actually cause of the flat jobs limit of 100k. I decided to do so because its faster to hit it.


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Dec 26, 2018
Hi there Clay! This is indeed a subject that comes up frequently. And it is something the economy team has discussed the benefits and drawbacks for a number of times. Unfortunately we have come to the decision that this would ultimately cause more unbalance in the economy and end up the feeling that non prestiged players are being penalized. Having the richest players able to make more money than everyone else just makes the richest richer and leads to an economy where new player feel they cannot compete until they've made the tens of millions needed to reach max prestige. The limit is there to specifically prevent things like this from happening.

We are looking towards other ways to incentivize prestige though! Feel free to make suggestions on what perks/benefits could potentially be given to prestiged players to encourage players to continue ranking up past mythic :)
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