Introducing the Economy team! (New branch of content team)


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Hello everyone! I'm proud to introduce our newest branch of the content team! The Economy team!

The economy team directly covers elements such as, any and all forms of money sinks, creating and maintaining them, shadytrader additions and price points, reworking crate rewards, new rank additions and much more! If you're well versed in the server's economy, have a solid understanding of any or all of the aforementioned topics above then apply to find out more!

Note - The economy team is a separate form of content, apart from jobs.
Credit for this awesome idea goes to @FlexioN ! :cool:

Flex is the one and only admin memeoverlord all shall fear him for his power is vast and limitless, in fact he's making me type this right now, that is the extent of his power xD j/k flex is an awesome guy and a great friend < 3
Jul 3, 2017
New Content :D
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