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Mar 31, 2020
IGN: ItsZim
Reason for ban: Mob aura/modded client
Length of ban: Permanent
Apology/ Appeal: Good afternoon, I want to take a second to apologize for the disrespect I showed to the server, staff (dream especially) and community by my choice to break the rules of the server. I was using an autoclicker mod that had a component to target mobs in your view, although my reason for doing so at the time doesn't justify using it at all I feel I should include it to be 100% transparent. I recently have been dealing with issues related to carpal tunnel flair ups from years of working in the tech industry and gaming most hours of the day, having a hard time with long periods of clicking when grinding towards limit. the repetative action becomes quite painful and In a moment of stupidity I rationalized using the exploit by telling myself that since I set it to just under the "normal" click speed for an average player and I was sitting there with my hand on the mouse and that it was not a big deal (spoiler: it was a big deal). I am not trying to avoid punishment or to justify my actions because I was completely in the wrong, I have removed it completely from my computer and won't be using it again on any servers even if this appeal is denied. I want to reiterate that my main priority for creating this appeal was to apologize to everyone for my disrespectful actions and I am accepting of whatever punishment comes along with it. Its been a great time playing on mae and hope that this isnt the end of the story, and I thank you for the time and consideration in reviewing this appeal and hope you have a wonderful rest of your day. -Zim


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Dec 26, 2018
Hi there Zim! Thanks for making an appeal. And thank you for the apology.

I do understand that it can be difficult (I have developed carpal tunnel in one wrist as well and it def sucks) but the rules still apply to everyone. Modded clients and autoclicker/mob aura are not allowed under any circumstance. You may want to consider remapping your keys to see if that makes it easier on you though. Simply moving the key bind while grinding to something easier to hit or something you can use your other hand for may help significantly.

Because you have admitted what you’ve done and taken responsibility for it, I will be reducing your ban to 7 days. Be sure to read the rules which can be found HERE and uninstall any banned mods.

Please note any future instances of rule breaking will be taken very seriously.

Appeal Accepted.
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