Jobs Plugin Bug

May 6, 2016
The excavation enchant does not work properly with the jobs plugin. I did a simple test. Not only does it not work, it isn't even consistent. In addition to this, it undermines both the pay and experience the player should get for breaking the blocks. I mined one block (which equated to 10 total breaking) with excavation both times. All blocks mined were stone. The tests constructed were equal. The first test I received 10 stone, $1.73, and 9.21 exp. The second test I received 10 stone, $1.49, and 7.90 exp. This is the consistency issue. I mined the same amount of blocks and the same number of blocks, and the experience and pay is different. This makes no sense. As for the other issue, I am supposed to make $0.25 per stone block. $0.25 x 10 =$2.50, considerably higher than what the game is awarding me. Experience wise I am supposed to get 1.32 per stone block. 1.32 x 10 = 13.2, which again, is considerably higher than what I was awarded. I think this is a pretty big issue because as of right now the job pay is better if I use a tungsten pickaxe and mine all the blocks individually. The only incentive there is to use excavation is to possibly get extra ore. The job pay ultimately overshadows this however, pretty much making it pointless. I've attached screenshots as well.


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Jul 25, 2016
'straya mate
This is not a bug, this is how it's intended to be. You will always be paid for the first block you break, and there is a 50% chance for every other block broken with the single excavation action to also pay. It's set this way for balancing reasons and to help prevent lag. Without prestige this job pays between 700-1000 every 10 seconds when using excavation, which is pretty damn good.
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