July Build Competition!


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May 21, 2016
Hello Maestreans!

We hope you all enjoyed the previous build competition, and congratulations to Remittetur for their paw-some first place build, as well as everyone who participated!

Summer is always full of new adventures, thus,

The theme of the July Build Competition is going to be...


The Build Event will go from July 1st to July 16th!
Event is now live!

(image credit goes to Hypixel's 'Wrath of the Fallen' map preview♥)

This theme allows you to construct your dream adventure! From sailing the Black Sea in search of treasure, to exploring a hidden cavern -- this theme lets you decide!

The plot size will remain at 75x75 as this seems to been well received in the last several competitions. In addition, just a clarification regarding the build winners: you are able to win the build competition more than once, members of the build team however cannot win 1st place. Hope to see you all participate and we're looking forward to all of your builds!

1st place: $15 voucher OR Architect title! + 1 Title Key and 1 Maestrean Key and your place on the Build Event Winners Wall!

2nd place: One Tungsten Tool + 1 Maestrean keys

3rd place: 1 Relic + 2 Mythic keys

Available Commands:
/plot claim Claims the plot you are standing in
/plot home Teleports you to your plot
/plot biome <biome> Changes the plot biome
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