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Oct 19, 2021
IGN: Juno_MacGuff
Reason for ban: "Negativity, unprovoked rudeness, disrespect."
Length of ban: Permanent

Appeal: Howdy folks. This ban was issued on Nov 29th 2020. Circumstances were I made a ticket and wrote a rather aggressive essay conveying my frustrations with staff & the server. It was a bad night so I was more hostile than was appropriate. I've had a history over the years of being a bit trolly with staff so presumably that was taken into account just under 11 months ago, warranting the permanent. I hope that staff can take into consideration the fact that this was not a matter of trying to troll or waste staff time; it was a tasteless and rash attempt at expressing my emotions. I take responsibility for that. If you unban me, and there comes a time in the future in which I have frustrations, I will be sure to impart them appropriately and respectfully.

Oh, and full disclosure, I jumped on an alt about 7 months ago and had a look around the old town for the nostalgia (I miss ya Caddie) but you guys caught me red-handed. Not going to pretend to hide that -- I'm sorry.

You've got a great community here and I would love another chance to participate in it again, in spite of my past transgressions.


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Dec 26, 2018
Hi there Juno. Thanks for making an appeal.
While you are correct in that the ticket you made was the final straw, you ban was the result of a culmination of negative behavior over the course of a month. You were unbanned (ban appeal found here) at the end of October and in 30 days of being on the server demonstrated that nothing had changed. You were warned for inappropriate comments, told to chill repeatedly, and demonstrated rude often trolly behavior all the while. This behavior was the same reason behind your original perma ban in 2018. While we do understand the everyone has bad days, that is not an excuse to repeatedly behave badly. You were given a second chance and chose to ruin it. Unfortunately that does not give us hope that a third chance would make any difference at this point in time.

Appeal Denied.
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