Kris' Second Item's Team Application

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Oct 25, 2017
In-Game Name: MahNameIsKris
Age: 16
In-game rank(use /rank): Legend/Emp
Time Played(check statistics): Playtime stuck currently at 34d but is probably much higher
Do you have Discord (if yes, include your name): Kyle#5268
Timezone/Country: U.S.A EST
Earlier ban reasons: None
What Content Team you will be applying to: Items.

Why should we pick you: I feel like I have decent knowledge when it comes to balancing/making items, along with coming up with creative color schemes/names/lore, Not to mention prior experience on the content team in 2018 with help with the Halloween/Christmas events.

What do you enjoy most about development: Seeing people enjoy using things I create, and hearing their feedback/reactions to my content. Along with this overall coming up with ways to make things look clean, polished, and colorful is an absolute blast in my opinion.

Portfolio/Information to backup experience claims: Content work in 2018 for myself was
Making the Jolly/Bitten Titles for the events, Helping with balancing the events (this includes helping with Pumpkin spice, the halloween 2018 Relic item) And designing the Premium/Supporter Crates/Titles

~Relic Suggestions/Posts I have made~
Krispy Suggestion Post 1
Krispy Suggestion Post 2
Krispy Suggestion Post 3

~Thank you for reading my application <3
Jul 3, 2017
I seriously wish you the best of luck Kris ^-^

You are good with schemes when it comes to naming things and nicknames for yourself and others!
You certainly know and can always learn more of items and no doubt grant Maestrea a couple unique items or more :D
Even titles!
Stay Creative, and i pray you get accepted ^ ^


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Dec 12, 2016
United Kingdom
Application denied.

As this is your third application, you may not apply again as we have decided you are not a suitable candidate for our Content team. If you would like feedback regarding this application, please contact an Admin+.

Closing thread.
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