Kunal1234 Ban Appeal

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Jun 2, 2019
IGN: kunal1234
Reason for ban:

Length of ban: permanent - IP ban i believe I haven't tested it out.

I would like to say that I joined this server mainly to keep in touch with old friends from other servers but haven't really had time to really get into the server and enjoy it for what its worth. I have maybe 2-3 hours of play time as a result I wasnt as weary of the stringent chat rules that maestrea has in place.

1 - Troll: I logged in again to see a friend Sherwin21 who i know from elsewhere and heard about him being unbanned after he was caught autoclicking. I make a quick comment about his autoclicking past which gave me a warning from a mod whose name was something like mintjem. To this, i responded with a stupid comment about official warnings im honestly not quite sure what it was but I would like to apologize for it

2 - Racism: I was in a discord chat with some friends and typed into chat the word nigglet which was not directed towards anyone. I forgot about the strict rules that were there about chat. I would like to apologize for this action.

3 - making me get out of bed: To be honest I am not sure what this is

I would love to be a better member of this community and would strive to be a better person on this server if given a second chance
Proof(If needed):


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Sep 27, 2016
Indiana, United States
Hey! Sorry for taking so long to respond to your ban appeal!

Thanks for apologizing for the first two reasons ^_^ Also please do remember that there's no place for racism on the server, even if it is just meant in jest :c
The third reason doesn't matter that much, was just trying to sleep at the time and had to get out of my nice, warm, and very comfortable bed and check in on what was happening. Slightly annoying, so figured I'd add it on to the ban reason as well :p @Morainemac

Anyway, just try not to antagonize people in chat and do remember to be appropriate! If you don't you may find yourself back in this position again but without a chance to appeal ):

Appeal accepted, thread closed :)
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