LiberalDemocrat - Ban Appeal

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May 11, 2019
IGN: LiberalDemocrat / Clawhauser
Reason for ban: Toxic Behaviour and Ban Evading
Length of ban: Permanently
Appeal: I am going to be appealing against my ban for toxic behaviour - since I don't know an awful lot about the whole ban evading situation. When I first joined a moderator approached me and told me I was using the same IP as a banned user. This is likely, since I am living in a housing association where the ISP uses a static IP - so the previous tenants could have more than likely been playing on this server (the accommodation is for under 25s). This situation was explained to the moderator, and at the time I was re-assured that I wouldn't be banned - I made it clear that I wanted re-assurance on this subject, because I wasn't prepared to spend time and money on a server, just to be banned wrongfully.

Anyways. I digress; I think this ban was incorrect and that the situation may have been misjudged. I don't think I was trolling, I was voicing my opinions in regard to CAT and how I don't think it's the correct place to be speaking about your personal issues - I come on this server to play, talk to some people, and build. That's all. I didn't want to have my experience polluted by a pretty negative atmosphere. But in retrospect I can see that it may have came across as troll-like. Leading on to when I was banned I was advertising a series of LGBT flags gifted to me by Egg - once again, this was not in a trolling/malicious nature. I wanted to free up some of my (limited) chest space and make some $$$ in the process so I could help my friend progress through the ranks. I apologise if this offended anyone or came off as malicious/toxic.

Previous offences I can think of are; changing nickname to "UnabortedFetus" (I was muted and temp-banned), asking a helper to stop trolling (I was muted and warned for 30 mins for staff disrespect) and inappropriate language - this one was provoked in my opinion, CertifiedRoadman was harassing myself and I snapped & said some rude things. I apologise for that - but you can see that by the fact this player is permabanned that this wasn't exactly unprovoked..

I'm sorry for any of the offence I might have caused on the server. I never had any malicious intent and I hope we can all move on from this.

Proof(If needed): Proof of my tenancy and its start date can be provided if needed...but I would only like to provide this to an Admin+ (as obviously this is something quite personal and I want to be assured that my personal information will be protected)

I hope to be unbanned as I have enjoyed my time so far on Maestrea.

Thanks all
Claw / Seagan


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Jun 15, 2017
Hello, I'm Wolf, the Community manager and I'll be addressing your appeal.

I'd like to say, first and foremost, when you first joined the server, Meta instantly noted the banned account "Mrs_Nibbly " under your IP and reported it, a short while later, you began acting inappropriately and I had Aze look into your IP with me, we found your IP matched perfectly to the banned account and, shortly after meta inquired about it, you attempted to change your IP to that of one very nearby.
Screenshot (6725).png

Your claims of "the previous house tenants were the banned ones!" is childish, immature and frankly silly. However, we decided to give you a chance and see how you acted, not entirely against the idea of allowing you to play, should you want to be a constructive, friendly part of the community.

You instead, decided to pick up where you left of several years ago, being an immature, inappropriate, rude and disrespectful child, taking any and every chance to belittle, put down, troll and harass the community with disgusting inappropriate sexual comments such as but not limited to
Screenshot (6730).png
Screenshot (6731).png
Which translates to "suck my cock" in Dutch, quickly accumulating numerous verbal warnings and then actual /warns
Screenshot (6726).png
To the point you were auto banned by the server for receiving so many warns in a short period of time, all the same trash Mrs_Nibbly (your banned main account) did years ago. When meta went to ban you from the server discord, he noted something quite concerning on your discord Screenshot (6723).png
Your League account just so happened to have the same name as the banned account under your IP on the server

Mrs_Nibbly Bannish Appeal
Ban Appeal for Mrs_Nibbly (proof attached)
Mrs_Nibbly Racism/harassment

The Ip's match, the account name matches, the same toxic, rude immature disgusting comments, same asshole attitude. I've looked through your chats and watched how you harassed CAT in general. You're Mrs_Nibbly and you're toxic, you are not wanted in this community, you're NOT getting unbanned, not now and not in a million years, you owe everyone within the community an apology for subjecting them to your toxicity.

In closing, really? Years later and you're still playing the same tune? Yah, it's minecraft, however that's just the theme, it's still a community, these are still people and you may have "enjoyed" your stay thus far, but, the community sure has not and I do not beleive you at all when you claim to have had no ill intent, your racist and extremely inappropriate attitude and behavior as both MrsNibbly and on this account more than prove that.

Appeal denied and thread closed.
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