LightIcePlayz's Content Team Application

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Jul 31, 2018
IGN: LightIcePlayz
Age: 16
In Game Rank: Baron & Duke.
Date Joined: Aug 2nd 2018, also played before reset during 2016.
Do you have discord?: Yes it's Lucky Light#3698.
Timezone/Country: EST, United States.
Earlier Ban reason: Banned permanently and then reduced to five days reasoning "Alting for gain". I came back to the server after a break and forgot that it was against the Server Rules.

What content spot will you be applying for?: Items Team.

Why should we pick you?: I'm a collector, every item that is released is a prize to me. For the past month or so i've been collection up a lot of the custom items found on Maestrea. My goal in doing this is to make a public build called "The Museum". The purpose of this build is to have a place for players to find information on all custom items. I'm currently collecting and writing info books on all Relics, Arcanas, Dungeon, Raid, Brewing, Meastrean, and Archaics Items. This will hopefully help a decent amount of players and it will get more new players to stay. This will also give me a better understanding on all custom Meastrean items.

What do you enjoy most about Development?: I just love the feeling of creating things that other people will be able to enjoy. Just getting my ideas out there and getting feed back on them is astonishing. Also knowing that something I helped created could be making other players experience better just makes me feel really happy!

Current owner of "Museum".
Slowly learning about all custom items.
Was a helper on a Pixelmon server before it closed down (Averaged 5-20 players at a time).
Pre reset player.

Relic Suggestion:

Item: Clock
Item Name: Final Hour (&8F&fin&7al &6H&eour)
Charm: True
Lore: "The Final Hour has struck us at last. What will you do in your final moments?"
Potion Effects: Speed 3 , Slow fall 1, Bad Luck 2
Enchants: none
Custom Enchants: Foresight 3, Shuffle 3, Vortex 5
Attributes(when in main_hand,off_hand): +2-(-1) Health

Arcana Suggestion:

Item: Music Disk C418-11
Item Name: Hades Demise (&cHades &7Demise)
Charm: True

Lore: "Somehow you keep ending up lower and lower than from where you started..."
second Lore: "No matter how far you've fallen the sun will always shine on you again, Right?"

potion effects: Fire Resistance 1, Blaze area 4, Bad Luck 5
Enchants:Unbreaking 10
Custom Enchants: Blaze Area 4,
Attributes(when in main_hand,off_hand) none

Random Item Suggestions:

Item: Emerald Block
item name: Soul Fusion Block (&2S&aoul &2F&ausion &8B&7lock)
Lore: "How far will wither souls go to feel whole again?"
How to craft: Buy combining 8 soul gems together you obtain this item
Uses: Used to claim a new title called "SoulMender" (&2S&aoul&5M&dende&5r)
Inspiration: As the server gets older and older the amount of soul gems pile up more and more. This item would give players another use for soul gems and a better way to compact and store them.
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Jul 31, 2018
Quick update: While adding on to the Museum. I started building and gathering items for the "Raid Tiers" and came across the item "Soul Mender". On realizing this the title I created definitely wont work. so instead of a "SoulMender" Title ill suggest a new one.

This title will be called "SpiritFuser" (&5Sp&fir&dit&3Fu&7s&ber)

Apologies for not realizing this mistake sooner ~Light


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Mar 30, 2019
Michigan, United States
Application denied.

Since this is your first application, you may reapply in 1 month. If you would like feedback regarding this application, please contact an Admin+ or the Items team Supervisor.

Closing thread.
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