LightIcePlayz's Second Content Team Application

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Jul 31, 2018
In-Game Name: LightIcePlayz

Age: 16

In-Game Rank: Baron/Duke (*Don't judge me I spend all my money on custom items. T~T*)

Join Date: August 2nd, 2018 (*Pre-Reset Player old account Dylan5030*)

Discord: LightIcePlayz#3698

TimeZone/Country: EST, United States

Earlier Ban: Using an alt (Alting for gain)

Content Team: Items

Why should we pick you?:
Simply you should pick me because I have a passion for all custom items and collecting them. I've made it one of my main goals to focus on all these items and to show the community how great they truly are. When it comes to custom items I enjoy collecting all of them and then putting them on display. Whenever theres a new relic wave released I usually spend most of my time and money trying to get them as quick as possible. I also believe you guys could use a new member, considering the new update and all the changes. I'm sure there will be more work to do and I would love to help out with it all. This is my second application and the new update is one of the main reasons i'm making it. My original plan was to wait two months total before my second attempt but I really couldn't wait. At first the update confused me and it threw me off and up till now it still does in some ways. Im not sure if i completely like it or not yet but I am sure there is reason behind these changes and i'm tempted to help and see where it goes. I really like making things for others to use and enjoy its like a driving excitement that I cant really explain. Summing that all up i'm just a really eager collector who wants to get his thoughts out there to see if he can make playing even better for all players.

What do you enjoy most about development?
Personally I enjoy the feeling of having something I created out for public uses and feedback. Its a odd yet exhilarating feeling, you feel fear yet excitement wondering how players might use or think about the content you're making. Knowing the stuff I create might help or get players more into the game is something great to feel. It gives me extreme happiness knowing i'm slowly building history for whatever I will be working on.

-Pre-reset player?
-Information on all relics and a majority of custom items.

Relic Suggestion:

Item: Diamond Leggings

Item Name: "Saloon Chaps" (&6&lSa&7&llo&f&lon &6&lCh&7&la&f&lps)

Charm: False

Lore: "Planing on riding a horse? Well you are now."

Potion effects: None

Protection 3-5
Unbreaking 4-6
Mending 0-1

Custom Enchants:
Absorb 2-6
Pure 0-1
Shield 1-4

Attributes: (When on legs: +6 Armor, -1 - +4 Max Health, +2 Armor Toughness, -0.02 - +0.02 speed)

Arcana Suggestion:

Item Name: Emerald

Item Name: "Tantalus's Greed" (&7Tantalus's &fGreed)

Charm: True

First Lore: "Tell me, do you remember your sin?"

Second Lore: "Cursed for a betrayal against the Gods, and your sin of Greed."

Potion Effects:
Hunger 1
Weakness 2
Invisibility 1
Speed 3

Infinity 10

Custom Enchants:

Attributes: (When in main hand: -4 - 1 Max Health, -2 - 0 Attack Damage) (When in off hand: -3 - 0 Max Health, -2 - -1 Attack Damage)

Custom Item:

Item: Beacon

Item Name: "Chunk Restorer" (&9&lC&3&lh&b&lu&7&ln&8&lk &9&lR&3&les&b&lto&7&lre&8&lr)

Lore: "A regenerative core that brings back the past"

Use for item: Lets players regenerate old land in the main over world. This item will undo any edits to the land as if its never been touched before. The item can only be used if your town owns the chunk you want to regenerate, and you must be the town's Owner or Co Owner to use.

How to get: You can get this item from Shady or from rare keys+.
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