Linktjoger21s ban appeal

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Apr 30, 2018
IGN: LinkTjoger21

Reason for ban: Chargeback

Length of ban: Permanent

Appeal: I logged onto my minecraft account a few days ago, just to find out i was banned for chargeback i didnt knew anything of.
(Its important to know my father and mother have a paypal account for me So i can buy things with it.)
A few days earlier, when i bought the rankupgrade i asked my mother if it was ok to buy it, and she said yes, and I bought it.
But when I said i was banned, i immediatley looked onto my back account, and the money i used for the rank, was back on my bankaccount.
So i asked my mother if she requested a chargeback, but she didnt, so i asked my father.
And he said that he requested the chargeback, because he said I spent enough money for that month.
And when i asked why he did the chargeback he said that he didnt agree on me buying the rank.
So I told my father the things that could happen when you request a chargeback, and then he realised he shoudnt had to do that.
And thats why there was a chargeback.
I wany U to know I am very sorry, and I just want to pay back the money that was chargebacked + the money paypal charged with it.
Even if U decide to not unban me.
I just had to much fun playing on the server to not do it.
I hope this is enough information, and You can forgive me for the chargeback.
If the owner wants to send a mail to my father, you can send me a private message, so I can send you the mail.
I hope you can forgive me for it.

Your sincerely LinkTjoger21.

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Jul 25, 2016
'straya mate
Hey Link, I've spoken with Soap and if you do indeed pay back the money you charged back, you will be unbanned. Let us know here when you've done that so we can promptly issue the unban.
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