Other lost my jungle totem while fighting enderius

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Feb 21, 2018
Hong Kong
In_game name: GG888
Item lost: Jungle totem(retired relic)
Explanation: when I was fighting enderius in a team, I was the last one who survived, after all other people who joined that died, I tried solo him then he kicked me to void. But when I was falling to void, my keyboard was bugged as I cannot type /spawn I was waiting the void 'kill' me then go to spawn, but I don't know what happened, my Jungle totem was in my first line or maybe we can call it the ' hotbar '. In the slot 6 I placed a Jungle totem there, but I DIDN'T hold it on off-hand or main hand, then it disappeared when I fell to void, it resurrected me before death 1 second, then I still died. (any proof?) I am sorry that I CAN'T tell you any proof because it pumped our of screen( or I can say it comes out the screen) and I got no time to show you back the photo or video(because I wasn't recoreding) to show you the proof. I saw FlexioN replied a Jungle totem missing item report before, he mentioned that lost a Jungle totem the only thing that makes sense is 'if you died with it in your offhand, because the Jungle Totem is a Totem of Undying, which in vanilla MC brings you back to life if you get killed. ' But it was quite old, too. I don't know is there a NEW dungeon update that you will use your Totem of Undying if you even put in the first row of inventory, if yes, then I think I am not going to bring any Jungle totem or other totem to dungeons then..
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